ZyXEL ATA question

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by David Floyd, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. David Floyd

    David Floyd Guest

    I have been searching for a suitable ATA and found what I need in the
    ZyXEL P-2002L, but it does not appear to be available in the UK. (Least
    I haven't been able to find anywhere that sells it.)

    The beauty of this ATA is that it has:

    Multiple SIP Accounts
    PSTN (FXO)
    POTS (FXS)

    Does anyone know of any other kit like this, or whether the ZyXEL is
    available with a UK power adapter?

    Many thanks,

    David Floyd, Mar 24, 2005
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  2. David Floyd

    Alex Bloor Guest

    The Sipura-3000 has FXO and FXS. I think it can handle multiple SIP
    accounts too...

    Alex Bloor, Mar 24, 2005
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  3. David Floyd

    David Floyd Guest


    But unfortunately it doesn't have LAN/WAN/QoS

    David Floyd, Mar 24, 2005
  4. David Floyd

    Alex Bloor Guest

    Hmm. Ok, it obviously has LAN, but perhaps I don't know what you mean by
    ATA in this context?...

    Alex Bloor, Mar 24, 2005
  5. David Floyd

    David Floyd Guest

    I think I mean an ATA with added features.

    There are basic ATA's about, then there's the Grandstream 486 which can
    provide QoS because it sits between the modem and router and can control
    traffic in its favour, but only has one SIP account.

    Moving on there's the Sipura 3000, which only has 1 ethernet port for
    connection to a router and therefore does not have QoS, but has multiple
    SIP accounts.

    Then I found the ZyXEL 2000L which has all of these things, but
    apparently isn't available in the UK.

    No-one's come forward yet who's using one of these in the UK, so I'm
    reluctant to make a move without liaison with some-one else.

    I've been searching on the net to see if there is another ATA with these
    features, but no luck yet.

    It is early days yet in the world of VoIP.

    (With apologies to Alex for an earlier private reply instead of to the
    David Floyd, Mar 24, 2005
  6. David Floyd

    Alex Bloor Guest

    I *hated* Grandstream's bugetone 101s, which has left me with a bit of a
    bad impression of Grandstream in general. Compared to Snom phones
    they're junk. I also always thought the Grandstream kit was not
    perfectly setup for UK spec phones (might be wrong though?).
    Ah, I see. Understood. Having said that, the Sipura does match UK
    phonelines quite nicely (phone line spec wise, it has a very clever
    system for impedance matching). It doesn't have two ethernet ports, so,
    as you say, cannot QoS, but to be doing traffic management in this way
    seems a bit odd to me. I'd far rather use something like a Firebrick
    (www.firebrick.co.uk) to do proper (fully controllable) traffic shaping
    before the router..
    It does look interesting. Having looked in all the usual places I can't
    find anybody in the UK that sells it though :( Or even anything that
    matches its functionlity....
    To be honest, Zyxel haven't impressed me with their Prestige P2000W.
    Their UI is nasty and the phone is riddled with issues and problems. It
    persistantly runs out of power (due to some issue with the
    batteries/power saving) and has never really worked all that well,
    sadly. If they can't get something like a SIP phone right (with no
    international phone line specifications to deal with) I'd worry about
    their general capability in the VoIP arena at the moment.....
    Indeed. We've played with a reasonable bag of kit though, and found VoIP
    to be very workable and 'business grade'. Having said that, this
    situation has only been reached by quite a lot of trial and error... I
    think that it has a way to go, yet.

    Alex Bloor, Mar 24, 2005
  7. David Floyd

    David Floyd Guest

    I will take a look at that tomorrow, thanks.

    David Floyd, Mar 24, 2005
  8. Hi

    No, not yet. Their UK distributor is Electronc Frontier

    TBH, the firmware on the Zyxel 2000 wasn't great (I have one). Perhaps
    they've fixed it for the 2000L.

    Peter Gradwell, Mar 25, 2005
  9. David Floyd

    David Floyd Guest

    My typing error, sorry! I was actually talking about the 2002L

    David Floyd, Mar 25, 2005
  10. David Floyd

    David Floyd Guest

    Um! They don't have a web page!
    David Floyd, Mar 25, 2005
  11. - yeah... <aol>

    re elecfron - they don't deal direct with the public, but if you ask
    them, they might tell you when it's going to be available and where
    you can buy it.

    Peter Gradwell, Mar 25, 2005
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