Your thoughts on Avast, Kaspersky and the like...

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Muze Gruppes, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Muze Gruppes

    Muze Gruppes Guest

    Avast seems to be off kilter for me as well. I just found some nasties :
    adware and several trojans that didn't get caught by the avast "shield".
    I took the precaution of reinstalling XP Pro and am now trying a 30 day
    trial of Kaspersky. I did try to do a trial of Nod32 but it said it
    needed a key before it would perform any updates. I tried DLing it from
    file hippo and it said there was a 30 day trial on that site but to no
    avail. One thing I did notice that the flack Nod32 gets for being too
    complicated is unwarranted. It did not seem that much different in ease
    than other AV's that I noticed, maybe I didn't poke around in some of
    the more advanced areas (or maybe I really didn't need to anyway). When
    I get paid I think I still may switch to Nod32. My main concern is that
    these bad files got through avast which I thought was rather highly rated.

    Any advice on what you think is better of the 2? (Kasp and Nod) (or
    maybe there is another that is even better. One thing I liked reading up
    on Nod32 was the fact that it was written in assembly and takes up much
    less memory than other AVs. This is great for me since I'm running on
    512k RAM and I have to keep things somewhat minimal program wise.

    Side note on low memory usage music players : I *love* foobar2000, great
    sound and I end up just clicking on songs in folders as my "media
    library" instead of using WMP, Media Monkey, etc... to organize songs. I
    kind of like just opening up my 'my music' folder and point and clicking
    on mp3's.

    Anyway, back to scouring the web for new music!
    Muze Gruppes, Nov 25, 2007
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  2. Muze Gruppes

    phrogee Guest

    Kaspersky and Bit Defender usually rate the highest. I've used Kaspersky
    quite a while now and am more pleased with it than any other I've used. Very
    good at stopping viruses and malware. Neither are free, but you get good
    price reductions when you renew your subscription later on. Kaspersky has
    such good tech support, as I usually do so by e-mail and have so far they
    have always answered me the same day.
    phrogee, Nov 25, 2007
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