Yet another question.... Preparing for test. Best methods? ? ?

Discussion in 'MCDST' started by JFM, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. JFM

    JFM Guest

    High Guys, I am 22 yrs old based in Chicago,IL. I am trying to prepare for

    My current title is Desktop Support Mgr. I support 300 usrs & 22 servers.

    I do way more than desktop support everything from...

    Deployment of WSUS Servers,Firewalls (Netscreens),VertiasBackup Exec
    9.1,Barracuds Spamwalls/spywalls,hardware/software software
    support,AD,GPO,Exchange (minimum)

    I have the "Sybex" mcdst Book. However I find myself not wanting to study
    ...for fear of failure I guess. I think if I got certified I would be so happy
    and have more confidence in myself. However, I just lack motivation. What is
    the best way to approach this? Go in my room for 1 hour a day and read? 2hrs
    and read? just read pdf questions? How long is process? 1-3 months? Can I do
    it by Jan of 07 if I strap it on tight and study?

    any help.. thanks!

    JFM, Nov 15, 2006
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  2. JFM

    Cruwl Guest

    I am in some what of the same boat, ive just been sitting down and reading
    about 10 minutes at a time at work.
    And about an hour or so a day on the weekends.

    The problem im running into and i think you might as well is it gets really
    what im seeing is the first 5 chapters for me, i already know, and its hard
    to hold my attention. i think you might run into the same situation only
    maybe a little more then me.

    I found i have to force my self through some of the material, and other
    parts i cant wait to read more.
    hope that helps a bit, im on chapter 5 right now of the MS press, but i
    already read through chap 6 of the sybex, im hopeing to test first week of
    Dec for 271, just have to force the study time.
    Cruwl, Nov 15, 2006
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  3. Let me address two issues both of you have pointed out in your posts
    that I hope will help. First JFM, you stated that you do not want to
    study for lack of failure. Being a technical instructor, I have seen
    this in my students first hand. They are scared of the tests! It can be
    a blow for a person in your field to take and fail the test. You
    confidence level dramatically decreases because you just failed a test
    that questioned you on what you do for a living. So you think if you
    fail this test that you basically suck at your job. I have seen students
    change fields after failing a test. It amazes me that one would let a
    test dictate what type of technician they are.

    You may know all the required material Microsoft wants you to know, but
    fail the exam regardless. If you think you know the material, if you
    feel that you know the technology, stop studying for the test and take
    some practice tests. If this is your first Microsoft exam, I would
    seriously suggest conditioning your mind and body. Not is a spiritual
    sense, but in a physical and mental sense. The tests are long, wordy and
    sometimes confusing. You will be sitting there for about 1 to 1 1/2
    hours total (after all is said and done). If you are having trouble
    sitting down in one place and reading study material for an hour; throw
    in some troubleshooting, answering question after question, and being on
    a time table and you have captured the mind frame of taking a Microsoft
    test. Oh, not to mention that you just dropped $125.

    When I suggested taking practice exams to condition your mind and body,
    there is one more thing I forgot to mention. Do not look at your
    practice test scores. WHAT?!? DO NOT LOOK AT THEM?!? Correct. If you
    absolutely feel comfortable with the prescribed material Microsoft has
    listed in order to pass these exams, do not look at your score. Many
    practice tests have a "real" simulation feature. This simulates the exam
    as far as time and number of questions are concerned. Condition your
    body to sit in one place for that amount of time. You think to yourself
    you can do this with no problem. You do it all the time. Well add on the
    stress factors, and now all you want to do is run out of the test center
    after the 6th question. Trust me, I have also seen this.

    My next piece of advice is do not think too much. Read the question,
    review the possible answers, pick on and move on. See here is the
    problem; we are technicians. We troubleshoot; and we do it "our" way.
    This is not to say that Microsoft is wrong, not at all. But we know the
    quickest way to access the Network Properties windows without having to
    go through the Control Panel. However, you need to know that this is an
    option. What I want you to learn is to stop saying to yourself, "Well, I
    would have done it like this..." You will then spend your time
    troubleshooting the question instead of answering it. Here is the thing
    to remember; MICROSOFT GIVES YOU THE ANSWER! It is right there in front
    of you! You just have to know which one it is.

    Second, Cruwl. This one will be shorter I promise ;-) If you are getting
    bored, stop studying everything. You know your weaknesses and your
    strengths. Open the book and choose them. In regards to the things that
    you are not so sure of; write them down. Then read those chapters again.
    Also, access and see what Microsoft has
    to say about the technology in question. I cannot express how valuable
    TechNet really is. Also, it is FREE! Free information designed to
    "school you" on the technology. Remember, you will never know it all.

    If you guys are "anxious" about this test; listen up, this is the key to
    passing. This little piece of advice will increase your chances of
    passing the exam by 50% !!! I PROMISE.... Ready? Here it is: schedule
    your exam.

    Good luck to you both and to all reading this who have not taking the
    exam yet.

    Michael D. Alligood,
    Network+, i-Net+, CIW Assoc.,
    CIW Certified Instructor
    Michael D. Alligood, Nov 16, 2006
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