Yess.. I become MCSD .Net today

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Guest, Nov 11, 2005.

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    Guest Guest

    Just take my last exam 70-300 Analyzing... passed with 886, I read examcram2
    book which i found it quite good and all those sample questions.

    Summerize other exams i have taken, as it might be useful for you guys:
    1st exam: 70-316 Windows App C# passed with only 730, I read MS pressed
    book, very dissapoint with the content and i found some practise questions
    from the net, much more helpful.
    2nd exam:70-315 Web App C# passed with 920, I read QUE Amit Kalani book,
    very useful and relevant details. It's a bit too much with all those practise
    exercise but if you're beginner that might be good
    3rd exam: 70-320 XML Web... passed with 1000, I also read QUE Amit Kalani
    book, and have my company local training course. Book is very helpful again
    and I think the questions are quite straight forward with clear answers.
    4th exam: 70-229 SQL Server passed with 885, I read Thomas Moore, quite
    helpful but i feel that he did not write as good as Kalani for previous
    exams. But the book is good and I learn many new things from it as I don't
    have much experience with SQL Server. I found the exams to be quite tricky,
    you need to read answers and questions very carefully.
    5th exam: 70-300 Analyzing... passed with 886, I think this exam should be
    the last, why, because i make used of all the knowledge from all previous
    exams, you need to know Security from 70-315/316, different architecture from
    70-320, maybe not much relevant to SQL Server, so it doesn't matter which
    exam you take first. I get only 30 questions split into 10, 13 and 7 for each
    case study. I found it difficult to answer, some questions did not tell you
    how many answers you should provide and you need to create some relation in
    the diagram
    what's next?
    I will go for MCPD next year with VS2005, i just need to upgrade only 1 or 2
    exams depends on which direction: Web, Windows or Enterprise
    Guest, Nov 11, 2005
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  2. Guest

    G.V. Guest

    I took the same exams in the same order as you did for my MCSD.
    I am also going to upgrade next year, when these exams become available.

    G.V., Nov 19, 2005
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