Yes, this guy is for real...

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by JaR, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. JaR

    JaR Guest


    WTF are you on about???
    JaR, Jan 6, 2004
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  2. JaR

    Ken Briscoe Guest

    Word, dewd, got a liz-ink?
    Ken Briscoe, Jan 6, 2004
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  3. Hey all. Thanks for visiting my site and commenting on my certificatio
    list. Its actually pretty funny that you visited my site and notice
    that yes, I have a ton of certifications, but thats because I was
    trainer and MADE sure I was certified in the products I taught on, onl
    fair right? Why tell a student how they can train to be a Certifie
    'whatever' when the trainer is not certified on anything. Damn, I hav
    seen this thousands of times. Also, if you havent noticed, I spend 50
    of my free time writing certification study guides for companies lik
    Que, etc. Ummmm, I guess it would also make sense for me to have thos
    certs too, no? Would you buy a book on an exam when the writer neve
    even took it? Ok peeps, do some intelligent thinking here. Ok next,
    am actually an executive in a very large company so I manage a larg
    group of people... all of which I work with to get certified o
    products we run.

    I guess if you do the math from what I just said, you would realize
    work around the clock on this crap so it would probably make sense tha
    after 7 years of taking exams... I would have accumulated this much
    Also, I listed out all the certs I got, in no particular order so tha
    when I consult for jobs, some people know what an MCP or CNA is, bu
    not a CNE.

    Hey peeps, think outside the box ok?

    Also, for the person who was nice enough to call me a loser because
    havent taken the CCIE (and you are only an MCSA), well damn dude, yo
    must not really know what that entails (if you were actually serious)
    I have purchased and built a home lab for the Cisco Security CCIE an
    have been working on it now 3 months. I have 9 friends who know 130
    more about Cisco than I do and all have failed the lab at least once
    some twice, 2 passed, all the rest keep trying. The exam just change
    formats (AGAIN) and a ton of new crap was added, so more equipmen
    needs to be purchased. This is why it takes sometimes up to 4 years t
    get your CCIE, I have 3.5 more to go so dont rush me there tough guy.



    Sign up for free daily practice questions at: http://www.QoD.U
    MasterPyrexia, Jan 6, 2004
  4. Sir Blabs-A-Lot apparently didn't notice that a thread on
    was cross-posted here.

    Laura A. Robinson, Jan 6, 2004
  5. Or, worse, he intentionally posted a complete non-sequitur.

    Laura A. Robinson [MVP], Jan 6, 2004
  6. JaR

    billyw Guest

    hope you dont mind me asking, but will you have my children?
    billyw, Jan 6, 2004
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