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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by scrapper, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. scrapper

    scrapper Guest

    Wondering if anybody has run across this problem. When I log into
    Yahoo Mail and try to compose a message (click on compose) everything
    comes up fine except the actual box to type the message is "grayed
    out" i.e. you can't click in it and type in it. I get an "access is
    denied" error when I click on the "page loaded with errors" message in
    the status bar of the browser (IE6).

    I have searched this problem pretty extensively on the net already. I
    have run across a few messages that describe the same problem but none
    with a proper fix. So I am trying a new thread in the hopes that
    someone will know the solution.

    Here's some things I have tried already:

    Played around with all Java settings
    Adjusted security settings in IE
    Tried the problem with the firewall disabled.
    Ran all windows updates, service packs, etc.
    Deleted all temp internet files, cookies, etc.
    Attempted a reinstall of IE (thwarted by Windows logo testing issues
    KB822798, a whole different discussion there.)

    This problem is PC specific (same mail login works on other PC's,
    multiple mail logins do not work on this PC).
    I suspect it is Java or firewall related ("access is denied" is a big

    Yahoo has been no help but I will keep trying them.

    Any ideas.

    scrapper, Jul 15, 2004
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