Yahoo is screwed

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Jim, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Can anyone tell me how to save changes in your preferences of a yahoo
    account and they actually be SAVED? I've been trying to make a change
    now for about 20 minutes and the stupid thing will NOT save! It wants
    something in the "from" window. Is there a way to just leave it blank
    and default to your email address?
    Jim, Jul 8, 2003
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  2. Jim

    Nate H. Guest

    The quickest answer would be to simply not use yahoo.
    Nate H., Jul 8, 2003
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  3. Jim

    Shep© Guest

    Your forms auto-complete may have been damaged.
    Try IE/Tools/Internet Options/Content and clear them all and re-boot.
    HTH :)
    Shep©, Jul 8, 2003
  4. Jim

    Josef Knecht Guest


    zar 2k3 - ULC Reverend
    Certified Word Police Officer - Details Detail
    NuMbEr Tr3#3!!!!11! on a lits...

    "A man, a plan, a canoe, pasta, heros, rajahs,
    a coloratura, maps, snipe, percale, macaroni,
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    again (or a camel), a crepe, pins, Spam, a rut,
    a Rolo, cash, a jar, sore hats, a peon, a canal
    - Panama!"

    - Guy Steele Jr., CLTL2
    Josef Knecht, Jul 13, 2003
  5. Jim

    Scrapper-D Guest

    Sounds like you got stuck with Yahoo, too. If I hadn't had $84.00 worth of
    business cards printed up with the SBC Yahoo! e-mail address on them, I
    would switch to another provider in a heart beat. Their software is clumsy
    and very sensitive. They would be better off giving us the login
    information and let us get our own software.

    If you can switch, then switch now and trash Yahoo. If not... then good

    All the best,
    Scrapper-D, Oct 2, 2004
  6. You are responding to message "References: <[email protected]>"? Why? It is ancient history!
    And who told you that you needed the SBC Yahoo! software? As you wish, I do
    just use the login information, and my own software. No connection manager,
    and, if you don't want to use Enternet 300, there is Winpoet, RasPPPoE, or
    any router with PPPoE connection capability. Opera, Mozilla,
    Firefox...Eudora, Pegasus Mail, Thunderbird...XNews, Forté (free, or fee)
    Agent, Gravity...
    Norman Miller, Oct 3, 2004
  7. Jim

    Toolman Tim Guest

    I do that with Earthlink too...same thing: who wants all their crap plugging
    up my system? 'Course, I don't "Earthlink" unless I'm traveling, so it
    actually is easier to change the phone numbers WITHOUT their stupid-a**
    custom dialer.
    Toolman Tim, Oct 3, 2004
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