Xwindow XDMCP DISPLAY issues

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by wg, Nov 18, 2015.

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    I'm encountering a strange issue with remote xwindow XDMCP sessions.

    /etc/hosts on server1 and server2: SERVER1.MAGRO SERVER1 SERVER2.MAGRO SERVER2

    On server1 I want to start an Xserver at VT8 and I type

    [email protected]:~ > /usr/bin/Xorg :8.0 vt8 -query server2

    The display switches to an all black vt8.
    Switching back to vt7 I see the following lines (after ~60sec):
    Fatal server error:
    (EE) XDMCP fatal error: Session failed Session 34272013 failed for displa
    Note: 'displa' apparently is truncated.

    Then on server2, I find the following lines with journalctl:

    Nov 18 12:00:33 SERVER2 kdm[27950]: localhost:8[27950]: Cannot connect
    to localhost:8, giving up
    Nov 18 12:00:33 SERVER2 kdm[1113]: Display localhost:8 cannot be opened

    /etc/hosts on server2 same as on server1.

    On server2 the display should be SERVER1.MAGRO:8.

    It works the other way round, that is I get an Xserver on vt8 with
    [email protected]:~ > /usr/bin/Xorg :8.0 vt8 -query server1
    an can login to an Xsession.
    echo $DISPLAY shows

    Where and when is the variable DISPLAY set?
    In /etc I did a 'grep -r DISPLAY= *' but did not recognize anything

    Thanks for reading and any hints.
    wg, Nov 18, 2015
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