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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Jack Spratt, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Jack Spratt

    Jack Spratt Guest

    Anyone else getting these emails (pasted below)?
    All mail I send (email client or web mail) is reaching it's destination and
    the POP and alias I use is listed under the options in their web mail
    I can only assume they are responding to spam that is attempting to spoof my
    email address in which case they are only adding to the problem/traffic.
    Unless anyone else knows of another explanation?


    Dear Customer,

    Our email security has been upgraded to help prevent misuse of email

    This upgrade will help guard against having email addresses used by
    unauthorised parties, i.e. when an email appears to come from one source
    but actually comes from another (also known as "spoofing").

    You have received this message because you have recently attempted to send
    an email through Yahoo!Xtra Pro Mail from an address that does not match
    email addresses currently linked to your account.

    Due to changes made during the security upgrade, your email has been blocked
    and therefore not sent.

    Action required to ensure you can send email

    To ensure you are able to send emails from this address we need you to add
    the email address to your YahooXtra Pro Mail Account. Once this is completed
    you will be able to send email from these addresses again.

    How to verify your email address

    Simply follow the step-by-step instructions here:

    These instructions will show you how to add additional email addresses to
    your email account using Yahoo!Xtra Pro Mail via webmail. Please note it
    will take approximately five minutes to verify each of the email addresses
    you send emails from. This only needs to be done once to send email again
    from that address.
    Jack Spratt, Jul 11, 2009
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  2. Jack Spratt

    David Empson Guest

    Some of my clients have seen the same message or a very similar one when
    they actually were sending messages with the wrong "From" address (and
    the messages they sent were not getting to the destination).
    If you have your own domain name hosted by Yahoo/Xtra then that is a
    very likely explanation.
    Could also be someone else mimicking the legitimate error messages that
    Yahoo sends, in a phishing attempt. Is the link really pointing at

    Alternatively, Yahoo has stuffed up and is sending bogus error messages.
    David Empson, Jul 12, 2009
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  3. Jack Spratt

    bugalugs Guest

    I have seen it a couple of times. Usually when I have created an email
    while reading in newsgroups using my bugalugs account and I have changed
    the address from 'Newsgroups' to 'To' and an address from my Personal
    Address Book. Correction is simply a matter of changing the Sender to
    the appropriate one for that Account.
    bugalugs, Jul 12, 2009
  4. Jack Spratt

    Jack Spratt Guest

    Settings are the same as they have been for 12+ years.

    On this occasion we are talking ISP address mail.

    I have forwarded a couple of them to the Xtra help desk and they have
    They also tell me to look at my from address and to check that any alias' I
    use are listed in their web mail options.

    They all are. My mail is always delivered.
    IMO they are acting on spam that is spoofing my address and only adding to
    the problem. I have told them this.
    Jack Spratt, Jul 12, 2009
  5. Jack Spratt

    Gordon Guest

    But was the email from an ISP, or a Phisher?

    If so he has picked the right place to cast his bait.
    Gordon, Jul 12, 2009
  6. Jack Spratt

    Gordon Guest

    Personalization? Example please.

    Why is the orginal posting example of Phising and how would you change it to
    alter it so that one believed it was genuine?
    Gordon, Jul 12, 2009
  7. Jack Spratt

    EMB Guest

    You are wrong - they are not. They are suggesting that your Xtra login
    is being used to authenticate and send email that does not use your Xtra
    email address as sender.
    EMB, Jul 12, 2009
  8. Jack Spratt

    Jack Spratt Guest

    My settings are as they have been for 12+ years.
    My user name is <word>.<word>
    <word>.<word>@xtra.co.nz is the POP address.
    For 10+ years I have used an email alias (provided to me by Xtra).
    The alias is set as the from and reply to address and has been on every OS
    (email client) I have used since Win 95.
    For every 20 emails I send I will receive 1 of these auto emails from

    There seems to be no pattern of it from my end which is why I assumed it was
    the result of email spoofing.
    Jack Spratt, Jul 12, 2009
  9. Jack Spratt

    PeeCee Guest


    It's for real, it's Xtra's way of reducing relaying and spoofing as used by

    The practical effect is to stop you sending emails as or
    unless you go through the described procedure to
    'authenicate' your alternative sending email address.

    As your replys to others say you have used the same email addy for some
    In that case it may be a case of resetting your passwords.

    I come across this 'wont authenticate' problem occassionally and have found
    the quickest and easiest way to fix it is to log onto Xtra's change password
    page and change your password(s) to something completely different.
    By all means change it back again straight away, but this process seems to
    reset something in Xtra's system.

    PeeCee, Jul 12, 2009
  10. Jack Spratt

    Jack Spratt Guest

    Thanks Paul.
    Funny thing is that my email was re-authenticated recently as a result of
    another Xtra email telling me that for security reasons my password had been
    Yes this all sounds like fishing but it was confirmed by Xtra broadband over
    the phone. I was unable to check my email (because of the reset password!!!)
    and they were unable to explain why my password had been reset and could
    find no trace of me requesting it.
    Jack Spratt, Jul 12, 2009
  11. Jack Spratt

    EMB Guest

    I assume your alias is suitably authorised to send via Xtra's SMTP
    servers. Otherwise the intermittent nature of the message is probably
    just the servers being semi-borked.
    EMB, Jul 12, 2009
  12. Jack Spratt

    EMB Guest

    Change your password again - and change it immediately. This looks a
    lot like someone who has your "reset" password sending mail whilst
    authenticated as you (which may lead to Xtra killing your account off in
    its entirety).
    EMB, Jul 12, 2009
  13. Jack Spratt

    Jack Spratt Guest

    Yep been authorised for donkeys.
    Borked? Is this a trekkie thing? :)
    Password changed as per other email.

    Jack Spratt, Jul 13, 2009
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