Xtra having big problems this week

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by whome, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. whome

    whome Guest

    I've noticed this week, my Xtra ADSL service has been terrible .I use msn
    for business contact and this has always been dropping out, as with my vpn

    Speeds have been extremely erratic and my connection has been like molasses
    at times. Actually, dial-up would be preferable for some of the speeds I am

    Despite this, the xtra jetstream speed test reports a fairly healthy
    2000kbps (nowhere near my 'purported maximum) so I don't understand why the
    connection seems so terrible at times.
    whome, Dec 21, 2006
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  2. whome

    Earl Grey Guest

    Remind them they need a backbone, not a wishbone :)
    Earl Grey, Dec 21, 2006
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  3. School horrordays

    the speedtest is inside nz so if the international link is clagged up you'll
    get a good result disguising a generally lousy service
    Mark Robinson, Dec 21, 2006
  4. whome

    k Guest

    Try running the speed test ( on http://www.speedtest.net/ ) to other
    locations, like Sydney and London etc.
    k, Dec 22, 2006
  5. whome

    Stu Fleming Guest

    Stu Fleming, Dec 22, 2006
  6. whome

    Geopelia Guest

    I'm sending a picture and Christmas greetings to friends and relatives. Two
    got sent, then I kept getting error messages for another one. xtra helpfully
    sent instructions for removing PC-cillin, but not for re-installing it! I
    haven't removed it. If the first two messages got through, there can't be
    anything wrong this end. Yes I've done an update and virus check, all OK.

    I've just got the download instructions for PC-cillin 2007, but I'm not
    going to download it until after Christmas. I had all sorts of problems
    trying to do the 2005 one. So did the computer man. Apparently there were
    bits of old PC-cillin programs that had to be removed. He managed to find
    and remove them all.

    (I bought the 2006 one from Harvey Norman, and set off their shoplifting
    alarm when we tried to get out.. Chaps came up from everywhere. Apparently
    something should have been done at the checkout and wasn't. If this was
    America we could have sued them for the embarrassment, but we both thought
    it was hilarious!)

    Now everything seems to be working well, though very slowly. I tried the
    good old "shut it down and start it up". I'll have another go at sending my
    message tomorrow.

    I've got Dial up. xtra say they have no problems, but I'm still suspicious.

    No need to reply folks, just letting you know what I've found today.

    Merry Christmas to all.

    Geopelia, Dec 22, 2006
  7. Sounds like you're having increasing problems with Windows. Do you feel like
    trying an Ubuntu Linux live CD, just to see how that goes? It won't touch
    anything on your hard drive, so you can go back to Windows at any time.

    You can get it here <http://www.ubuntu.com/>. If you don't want to download
    it, you can ask for them to send you CDs here <https://shipit.ubuntu.com/>.
    Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Dec 22, 2006
  8. If you're having to contend with 150 others for the connection, then I
    would be surprised that you can even get what you're getting.

    Aquilegia Alyssum
    Aquilegia Alyssum, Dec 22, 2006
  9. whome

    Geopelia Guest

    Thank you, I'll keep that in mind.The next thing I must do is download
    PC-cillin 2007. I'll see how things go afterwards.
    I've always used Windows, and don't really know enough to change. I had
    better leave things as they are over Christmas.

    I'll save this for future reference.

    Thanks for your help.
    Merry Christmas

    Geopelia, Dec 23, 2006
  10. whome

    David Guest

    I've noticed a similar problem, I have orcon ADSL which is working 100%
    perfectly, but talking to Xtra people on MSN this week has been hellish,
    messages coming through in 'clumps', and delayed by often many minutes.
    Talking to anyone on another ISP is fine though.
    David, Dec 24, 2006
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