XPSP2 client won't show in NT4 domain listing, Also does not showin Ghost Console

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by jp10558, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. jp10558

    jp10558 Guest

    I have an XP Pro SP2 machine that is joined to an NT4 domain, with the
    firewall off. It is configured via DHCP, and also has the WINS server
    configured. It shows as part of the domain, you can log in with domain
    credentials. You can use UNC to access the machine's shares.

    The domain browser shows the machine, but it is greyed out rather than
    blue. It also shows the machine as an NT Workstation or Server rather
    than NT 5.1 machine which other SP2 machines show.

    Furthermore, you cannot see this machine in the Symantec Ghost console,
    even though it has the Console Client installed and the ghost boot

    We have tried leaving and rejoining the domain, we have reset the SID.
    You can access the machine by entering the UNC or IP address, but it
    does not show in the domain browsers. Also, I have tried the
    Winsockxpfix utility with no change.

    Anyone have any other ideas to get this machine viewable in the Ghost
    Console and Network Neighborhood?
    jp10558, Apr 24, 2006
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