XP x64 edition and Visual Studio .NET 2003 compatible?

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Guest, May 17, 2005.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Just setting up my new 64 bit system and installing Visual Studio .NET gives
    me this:

    1. Visual Studio .NET Prerequisites
    Setup has detected that some of the system componenets that are installed on
    your computer do not match the versions required for VS .NET. You must
    install a different version of these componenets.

    Is this normal? This is a fresh install. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Kenneth Lancaster
    Guest, May 17, 2005
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  2. Guest

    Coercitas Guest


    Imho, VS2003 isn't supported on x64 platforms but still can be installed,
    assuming you install the right components (I didn't tried, can't really

    I am using VS2005 atm and it works great but VS2005 is fully supported. Can
    you try this one by chance ? Many features didn't change at all, I think
    your code won't be that different with 2005 (but I'm only coding for
    administrative applications, not meant to be sold to a final client).

    Would like to know as well if there is a supported way to install VS2003 on
    x64 based OS (and build x64 applications with it).


    "Kenneth Lancaster" <Kenneth > a écrit
    dans le message de ...
    Coercitas, May 18, 2005
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  3. Yes, it's pretty normal. And VS .NET 2003 works fine on x64 Edition. I
    installed it with the C++ portion for someone to be able to port a key
    program I'm missing, and they were able to get everything recompiled and
    Charlie Russel - MVP, May 18, 2005
  4. I have both VS2003 (RTM) and VS2005 (beta 2) installed. They run fine.

    Bruno Jouhier [MVP], May 18, 2005
  5. Guest

    Paul Lennon Guest

    Hi Bruno,

    You have both installed on the same machine? Do the two environments
    co-exist with each other? I've installed and tried both separately on
    xp64 but was unsure if I could install both.


    Paul Lennon, May 19, 2005
  6. Yes, they seem to coexist quite peacefully. I use VS 2003 for the serious
    work and VS 2005 for some experimental stuff.

    Bruno Jouhier [MVP], May 19, 2005
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