Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Gary, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. Gary

    Gary Guest

    Has anybody tried SP2 for XP home yet? Any bugs or major screw ups
    from our friends at MS? i'm debating whether to put it on a machine
    I'm rebuilding.

    Gary, Sep 1, 2004
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  2. Gary

    Brian M. Guest

    I just installed it last night. I had heard zonelabs had to re-do zonealarm
    for it to work with sp2, so I had some hesitation about norton AV as well.
    SP2 recognized norton was running, gave me props for using an antivirus
    program, and worked right along with it. Haven't noticed much of a
    difference other than the new security center yet.

    Brian M.

    Brian M., Sep 1, 2004
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  3. Gary

    Gary Guest

    I followed your advice Barry, everything went smooth with no problems.
    It is a huge dowmload at somewhere between 75-90mb. You definitely
    need broadband to download it. Could be profitable upgrading peoples


    Gary, Sep 2, 2004
  4. Gary

    Ron Reaugh Guest

    Lose ZA and use SP2's firewall.
    Ron Reaugh, Sep 2, 2004
  5. Gary

    Ron Reaugh Guest

    Not 10% as that's afigure from a bogus press report.
    Nope, apparently an MS's SP2 update.sys is the culprit for the Intel CPU
    Do SP2.
    Ron Reaugh, Sep 2, 2004
  6. I heard it causes a problem with certain peer-to-peer file sharing programs,
    most notably Overnet/eDonkey/whatever it's called now. It was some issue
    about have a very limited # of simultaneous TCP/IP connections or something.
    I could be completely mistaken on this, but that's enough to make me
    hesitant to download it..especially since my system seems perfectly stable
    as is.
    Patrick Michael, Sep 2, 2004
  7. Gary

    Gary Guest

    Thanks for the heads up Barry, I used the windows upsate for this PC.
    I also have have the full version downloaded.

    Gary, Sep 2, 2004
  8. Gary

    Ron Reaugh Guest

    Well, no the problem happens when SP2 runs its update.sys
    Such removes the trigger of the update.sys bug.
    Fixing mobo BIOS upgrades for many mobos appeared only in Aug. 2004.
    All evidence suggests otherwise.
    No, 10% is way to high.
    Right, it's a big "MOST".
    Ron Reaugh, Sep 2, 2004
  9. I realize that, but this particular issue didn't have anything to do with
    the XP Firewall. I know I read about it in the filesharing forum on
    dslreports.com, but I can't seem to find the relevant thread.
    Patrick Michael, Sep 2, 2004
  10. Gary

    Brian M. Guest

    Worried more about my dad's computer. Constantly getting infected with all
    kinds of crap. Swears up and down that he isn't into the porn sites..... I
    set him up with mozilla and zone alarm and he hasn't had any problems since.
    Now the SP2 popup blocker is great, it stops stuff that even adaware pro
    didn't. Only a matter of time before the coders break through that

    Brian M.
    Brian M., Sep 2, 2004
  11. Gary

    Ron Reaugh Guest

    You did turn on automatic updates, right?
    Ron Reaugh, Sep 2, 2004
  12. Gary

    the yeti Guest

    I've been running SP2 at home since the last release canidate. I have
    to say I love it. It makes my machine boot way faster. I've done
    probally 50 SP2 installs in the last month. The pop-up blocking in IE
    is the best thing ever.

    However: I installed SP2 on a brand new machine, just built box. P4
    2.8 512MB RAM AcerOpen MB, SATA hard drive. It totally hosed the
    system. THe box refused to boot even in safe mode. I set back the OS
    to the restore point before I installed SP2 and it was still hosed.
    Complete format and reinstall. Box works fine now. I went on a
    service call today for a Toshiba laptop. SP2 hosed that one too. (I
    was called in after the customer had installed it herself) Blue
    screen reboots etc.. It seemed to stabilize after a bit. Then as
    soon as I tried to connect to the Netware server, blue screens all
    over again. That one was a little different though, running Symantic
    enterprise AV and Novell client.

    For a home user SP2 is a pretty safe bet, in a corporate enviroment,
    be careful. Propritary software can be very incompatable.

    Things to remember.

    the yeti, Sep 4, 2004
  13. Gary

    Bob Schmidt Guest

    I actually installed the full IT version (NOT via Windows update) in safe
    mode in XP Pro and haven't had any problems. The install actually came up
    with a box that said it saw I was in safe mode and advised against
    installing in safe mode but I went ahead anyway since it was already fairly
    far into the install at that point. Take that for what it's worth--it may be
    better to merely turn off all concievable interruptions (AV, firewall, etc.,
    and unplug from the internet of course) vice going all the way into safe
    mode. Regarding restoring your system to before SP2, The IT version (and I
    would assume the update ver.) puts an SP2 uninstall file on your machine
    which you should probably write down as you are installing SP2. I assume
    that it basically points to a system restore point that it creates just
    prior to installing itself. I'm not sure if my earlier restore point that I
    set up manually right before the SP2 install is still there or not.

    I have heard of many of the problems w/SP2 are caused possibly by doing it
    via Windows update while there are a bunch of apps open. This could cause
    some of the data corruptions and problems people are having. Anyway, I
    haven't noticed any problems at all. And you always want to have a third
    party firewall (free Zonealarm, etc.) running, as the SP2 firewall just
    blocks incoming and not outgoing. The SP2 firewall is better than nothing
    but with free firewalls like ZA, you might as well use ZA and either turn
    off SP2's or leave them both on.
    Bob Schmidt, Sep 4, 2004
  14. Gary

    PJS Guest

    Especially in a corporate environment!!! Norton AV CORPORATE EDITION is
    one of those on Microsoft's SP2 incompatibility (we seem to have problems
    with the following programs) list. (
    http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=842242&product=windowsxpsp2 )

    FORTUNATELY, Symantec has patches for Corporate Edition NAV and Ghost on
    their web site for the latest versions. Still, it is something to be careful
    of (as you found out).

    PJS, Sep 4, 2004
  15. Gary

    the yeti Guest

    Especially in a corporate environment!!! Norton AV CORPORATE EDITION is
    That link shows a list of programs that might have issues if the XP
    SP2 firewall is on. My issue was a BSOD when trying to connect to a
    Netware share and a flaky acting Symantic AV program.

    I found this weak link, but I didn't dig too deep:

    I am convinced that my issues is hardware related, as the SP2 was done
    on other machines in the office with the same configuration and they
    didn't experiance any problems. This Toshiba laptop bit the dust
    the yeti, Sep 5, 2004
  16. or

    its disgusting you would pay for a bugfix and then try to delude
    yourself into thinking its an "upgrade"
    for that matter, there are not really separate versions of XP pro and
    DOS 3.2

    they all use the same bloated, obsolete late 70s "basic input/output
    system" ibm hacked into hardware and necro$loth so lovingly emulated
    in even more poorly implemented software
    because its crap?

    "xeon/athlon"? what a way to insult the only manufacturer of
    operational x86 microprocessors! by pairing them up with fly-by-night
    shady operations like [un]intel!

    ah yes, everyone is at fault but microsloth
    i'd have my head examined first for considering using that crap
    Solomon Kozanski, Sep 21, 2004
  17. really? that's a step in a rather strange direction for necro.
    Solomon Kozanski, Sep 22, 2004
  18. Solomon said;
    Actually, service packs are free for NT, 2000, XP...I'm thinking for
    all of the MS operating systems. It's only when you want to change the
    name of your operating system (e.g., 2000 to XP) that you have to pay

    I just want to make sure that I'm in the right place--this group is for
    CompTIA A+ certification, right? And I will have to pass a test on MS
    operating systems in order to achieve my A+ certification, right? So
    whether we like or dislike MS or linux, in the context of A+
    certification, we have to be able to constructively answer questions
    about how to fix issues with computers running MS without changing the
    OS, I think.
    Lloyd Hugh Allen, Sep 23, 2004
  19. in the context of A+, if the "computer industry" wants to people to
    know something about the basic function of computers, there is
    absolutely no excuse to ignore better and more stable operating

    if its about hardware and computer basics, then the "operating
    systems" (and i use that term very loosely) portion should be
    lobotomized, and windoze should be moved to it's own "windows+" or
    "win32+" certification, or else they should expand the A+ to include
    linux and mac (just to name a few of the mainstream alternatives).

    there is no excuse for this blatant pigheaded discrimination.
    Solomon Kozanski, Sep 23, 2004
  20. Gary

    Yeti Guest

    I found an interesting SP2 bug today.

    If you install the OS from a slipstreamed CD the firewall is automatically
    turned on. OK, I am aware of that, no big deal. HOWEVER. The windows
    firewall blocks the port needed for Windows Product Activation.

    Now thats just plain funny.
    Yeti, Sep 24, 2004
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