XP SP2 not retaining WEP versus WPA settings

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Mar 30, 2005.

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    We have multiple Dell Latitudes as well as Toshiba Tablets with SP2 all
    experiencing the same problem.

    We are trying to connect to 3com accesspoints that have a simple 64bit
    shared wep key (just to keep out the people looking for a quick and easy
    connection). When we allow XP to manage the connections XP will either drop
    all the settings or when you go to view available wireless networks, it shows
    the network we are trying to connect to as being a WPA network with (WPA) in
    parentheses and will not connect. Sometimes after deleting and reinstalling
    the settings a dozen times or so it will work. Once it works the setting

    If we use the Intel Wiress Config software, it works fine.

    We have flashed the access points to the most recent bios and have the most
    recent drivers on the laptops.
    Guest, Mar 30, 2005
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  2. If your Dell clients have an Intel 2100 adapter, load driver version or later before proceeding.


    While the articles above are specific to the WPA update to Windows XP SP1,
    WPA support was included in XP SP2. The early driver versions of the Intel
    2100 had a few problems that were addressed in the later revisions. If the
    driver update does not resolve your issue though, please read on!

    The Windows Zero Configuration service automatically detects the
    configurations of wireless networks. If the 'available networks' list for
    the Windows wireless client is displaying the network as WPA, then the
    access points are beaconing WPA support. The access point may be configured
    in what we call a mixed-mode. Mixed-mode simply means that clients can
    connect using the WPA or WEP authentication types simultaneously. Our
    client will automatically detect the settings, and it will choose to use the
    strongest supported security offered by the access point. If the access
    point advertises WPA support, then automatic detection will use it! Our
    client will detect WPA support even if your adapter does not support
    advanced security types.

    Based upon the information in your post, I have a theory for what you are
    experiencing. Can you attempt the following proceedure and reply back with
    the results?

    Start with an empty preferred networks list
    - Open the property sheet for your adapter: START > Network Connections >
    Wireless Network Connection (or the wireless adapter's current name).
    - Select the Wireless Networks tab at the top of the property sheet.
    - Use the Remove button to delete all of the entries in the list.
    - Click the add button
    - In the new property sheet select the association tab.
    - Manually input the SSID, select OPEN for the network authentication type,
    select WEP for the data encryption type, and input the WEP key.
    - Select the authentication tab.
    - Uncheck the box for "Enable IEEE 802.1x..."
    - Click OK to save the settings for this newly created network.
    - Click OK on the remaining property sheet to save the preferred network
    - The adapter should associate to the access point within the next sixty

    The Intel ProSet uses manually configured profiles and this is why the
    configuration doesn't change based upon the configuration of the access
    Jerry Peterson[MSFT], Mar 30, 2005
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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks Jerry. I'm out of the office Thursday and Friday returning on Monday.
    I will try all the different things you mentioned as soon as I return.


    Guest, Mar 31, 2005
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