XP Pro dns problem long'ish

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by jas0n, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. jas0n

    jas0n Guest

    I had a problem with someones personal laptop, an XP Pro SP2 machine on
    a site running a cisco 837 adsl router.

    The router is set as a bog standard nat'd broadband connection handing
    out dhcp as follows:-

    IP's: to 239
    GWay: (router internal ip)

    DNS: & (Clara adsl line, clara dns servers)

    Now, it works fine on a win2k laptop, works fine for others xp laptops
    but the one I have the problem with can only reach some sites, not
    others, for example can reach www.yahoo.co.uk and click on links and
    have it work ok but other sites such as www.microsoft.com cant be
    reached at all, times out.

    The odd thing is if I swap out the router for a Speedtouch adsl router
    it works fine for all sites - the only difference in config is the
    speedtouch hands itself out as dns server.

    I have had the cisco 837 firmware wiped and updated to current stable
    and re-set back up and its the same.

    Ive checked laptop for malware, virus, etc - cant see any issues.

    Ive since had the cisco reconfigured to be dns server and hand itself
    out as dns server same as speedtouch but I havent been able to test this
    yet but other than that im stumped as to why this laptop cant seem to
    work with the cisco router setup as standard with isp's dns servers.

    I tried using opendns servers as well as others.

    Also, checked Mozilla when thinking it was malware but thats the same,
    all works fine when I swap for the speedtouch which causes me problems
    elsewhere as the speedtouch doesnt work well with vpn pass through which
    I need the cisco for!

    Any ideas? Im hoping the cisco being dns server will sort it but its not
    a resolution, just a work around, if it works that is!
    jas0n, Oct 27, 2006
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  2. jas0n

    Len Cuff Guest

    I've had similar problems on both Netgear and Linksys routers and
    solved them by letting the router act as the DNS server.

    Perhaps someone can explain this but if I put the Ntl DNS entries in
    my PC it will start to flake on some sites. Page cannot be displayed
    messages etc but as soon as I change it to my router's IP it works

    Len Cuff, Oct 27, 2006
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  3. jas0n

    ric Guest

    MTU? set it on client using TCP Optimizer or similar...
    ric, Oct 30, 2006
  4. jas0n

    Len Cuff Guest

    Should also have said that I set the MTU manually on the router to
    1500 as that is what the status page shows.

    Len Cuff, Oct 30, 2006
  5. jas0n

    ric Guest

    for ADSL, try 1492 on router *and* on the clients...I know it
    *shouldn't* fix it, but I'd wager it will..!

    ric, Oct 30, 2006
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