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Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Mike Simpson, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. Mike Simpson

    Mike Simpson Guest

    I am connecting a computer running Win XP Home with two running Win ME,
    via a broadband router LAN hub and the Windows Home Networking wizard --
    which is about all I know about networking!!

    The XP computer used to run ME and the three-computer network worked
    fine. Now it takes 30-40 secs after clicking on a shared drive in My
    Network Places for it actually to connect and display the contents. Then
    it works sluggishly until I don't use it for a while, when it
    disconnects and needs another 30-40 sec connection time.

    The two Win ME computers still work fine, at the original speed, with
    one another, but are just as slow when contacting the XP machine. All
    three are using 10-base LAN cards, but as I say they have been working
    fine together until now so I don't think that's an issue.

    Device manager shows the LAN card as working properly. To make sure,
    I've uninstalled (physically pulled out) and reinstalled the LAN card
    and Windows networking, but it makes no difference.

    My first port of call was to see what the connections are. But in
    Network Connections, when I try to call up the LAN's Status, nothing
    happens. When I try to View Network Connections it says an unexpected
    error has occurred. Therefore I can't even get as far as doing something
    basic like changing its IP address to what I want (to from

    I have Outpost firewall running on all three machines (two of which
    remember work fine). I have tried closing and shutting it down on all
    the machines but it makes no difference.

    And since I connect to the Internet by LAN there is no dial-up
    networking installed, so my first thought that Win XP firewall might be
    the problem doesn't apply.

    Can anyone help, please?
    Mike Simpson, Aug 29, 2003
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  2. Mike Simpson

    Sunil Sood Guest

    Which protocol are the two ME machines running?

    I believe WinXP doesn't come with NetBios installed by default so if
    your network is using that you have to copy the files of the WInXP CD
    and install it on that machine.

    Sunil Sood, Aug 29, 2003
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