XP: Need to change 'workstation' service so it loads LAST because i have problems. (delay at boot)

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by flexy, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. flexy

    flexy Guest

    i have a problem experiencing a 20sec delay booting XP SP2, and i
    figured out the reason for
    this delay is the "workstation" service which looks for files/folders
    in my little private network.

    The PROBLEM now is that this delay (while 'workstation' gets the list
    of files/folders on a laptop in the network) the whole boot-process
    HALTS/delays - until the network-icon pop-ups in the tray and the boot

    The problem is NOT the 20 seconds....but the fact that this delay
    messes up some icons in the tray...certain applications wont show their
    icons in the tray. (Eg. virus checker, MBM5 etc.).
    The applications are running but their icons are not shown.

    So...i was reading into changing the order of services, and.or putting
    'workstation' in a new 'servicegrouporder' in the registry which i
    made.."loadlast". But this didnt help at all.

    Also..i was looking at several ways to delay sevices with dependencies,
    but then i really dont know what service loads "last" and to put a
    dependency of "workstation" service so it loads after the LAST service

    I also checked GPE and made a policy to logon only after network
    initializion...but this didnt work either.

    SHORT: I need "workstation" service *preferably" starting as the LAST
    thing in my system so, after everything else is loaded the computer
    looks at the network for files/folders LAST.
    flexy, Sep 5, 2006
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  2. flexy

    Aaron Kelley Guest

    Hello, just so you know...
    This newsgroup is for dealing with issues specific to 64-bit versions of
    Windows. If you are running XP SP2, you may have better luck posting in one
    of the Windows XP newsgroups.

    - Aaron
    Aaron Kelley, Sep 5, 2006
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  3. flexy

    Jud Hendrix Guest

    Right click your Taskbar, and in the Taskbar tab click Customize. You get a
    list of applications which show up in the tray, and if you click the
    behavior, you can select to set them to Hide When Inactive or Always Show
    or Always Hide. I leave it up to you to select what status you should set
    it for your applications ;-)

    Jud Hendrix, Sep 5, 2006
  4. flexy

    Guest Guest

    Guest, Sep 5, 2006
  5. flexy

    Guest Guest

    Aaron - this IS the Windows XP SP2 newsgroup -- the WinXP64-bit newsgroup is
    another newsgroup.

    I have NO idea why my last post contained nothing.

    Guest, Sep 5, 2006
  6. flexy

    Jud Hendrix Guest

    Actually, this message is cross-posted to 3 groups, so you're both correct

    Jud Hendrix, Sep 5, 2006
  7. flexy

    Aaron Kelley Guest

    I apologize, I didn't see the cross-posting. :p

    - Aaron
    Aaron Kelley, Sep 5, 2006
  8. flexy

    DP Guest

    Wow! Seems like we've entered some kind of spatial newsgroup warp where a
    statement and its exact opposite are both true simultaneously!
    DP, Sep 6, 2006
  9. flexy

    Jud Hendrix Guest

    It's like politics.....


    Jud Hendrix, Sep 6, 2006
  10. No, its like my wife.

    Colin Barnhorst, Sep 6, 2006
  11. flexy

    Jud Hendrix Guest

    Is your wife a sister of Rumsfeld? :))

    Jud Hendrix, Sep 6, 2006
  12. No, she is related to Hillary.

    Colin Barnhorst, Sep 6, 2006
  13. flexy

    Jud Hendrix Guest

    Jud Hendrix, Sep 6, 2006
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