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    hello all,

    In a nustshell..(help, I'm in a nustshell..er'sorry) I can copy and paste
    almost every message here and they are as if they are written by the same
    person w/ the same problem. I noticed this early on in my search for an
    answer...oh yeah, the router may be a different brand, or the speakers a
    little different...But seriously, almost every post here is nearly identical,
    as they are in every 'wireless networking' messageboard on the net &
    (without question) the No.1 post concerning wireless networking...They are
    near carbon copies of one another... literally carbon copies of thousands
    that have been posted since the XP HOME and wireless networking combo have
    been pushed in every Best Buy weekly sales circular for the last few
    years...afterall, it's so easy, that you'd be crazy not to enjoy the
    hassle-free benefits of wireless-G and beyond...
    Cut to the chase:
    I ordered a sexy-new Dell core-duo laptop w/ explicit directions that I was
    buying it exclusively to add to my dell workstation's network...it would be
    my savior, allowing me to work comfortably & wirelessly...saving all my work
    to the workstation's large hard drives, using the large photo-printer, etc,
    etc...I followed all the instructions on the new netgear router, the Dell
    website, wasted time w/ Dell's India reasearch & time wasting team trying to
    spell out the 'print spooler not running error' and the 'doesn't have
    permission errors', then followed all the tutorials I could find, then tried
    everything else...then tried it all again...to no avail..And then I looked in
    the mirror one afternoon and realized I was getting older...that much time
    had been spent trying to resolve this simple lil' network issue....My
    internet sharing is flawless, fast...My desktop can see the notebook and
    access its files...but I still cant access the desktop or any of its
    equipment from the laptop...I know how to reset the print spooler w/ Cmnd
    prompt & a hundred other DOS commands that I learned on my own...but geesus,
    I am/was an artist...not a Dell network specialist...and although I detest
    class-action lawsuits...I think there should be a big one to make these
    companies remove the bright red "It's sooo easy, you can do it naked &
    asleep" stickers from the boxes'...

    Cut to my nephew, who's an awrd winning programmer, has been involved in
    every aspect of networking, broadcasting, uploading, custom system building
    etc, etc...who came down, spent two hours of intense network-work...and
    finally let me in on: ' XP HOME sux for wireless networking...you shoulda'
    got XP PRO, knowing that you were gonna' set it up this way...bottom line
    is...regardless of what the experts say...the thousands of identical posts
    speak much louder...XP HOME wasn't designed to network wirelessly within
    workgroups...XP PRO has all the options and is configured/engineered for the
    network envirnment...There are numerous ways to customize your network,
    wireless or not w/ PRO...I would be sitting on my sofa and churning out the
    project I need to get done w/o having to do this insane workaround thing to
    access my files and print anything I've done on the laptop...if only I'd done
    the research ahead of time, instead of relying on the very caring -concerned
    (sounding) dell salesperson...
    At any rate,I'm not saying that it can't be correceted in some
    instances...because it does actually work for some folks, but most everyone
    using XP home with a wireless network has the same problem... ITS XP HOME
    Guest, Nov 2, 2006
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  2. Hi
    And what the same problem that they have is?
    Jack (MVP-Networking).
    Jack \(MVP-Networking\)., Nov 2, 2006
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    Guest Guest


    I sympathize. I wrote with some frustration here that I spent about 10 full
    days getting a bunch of XP Home PC"s networked, and took a few more weeks to
    get all the kinks worked out early this year. Four out of the five PC's are
    connected wireless, and I had a laser hooked up to one PC, a photo printer
    onto the other.

    I got to surf the web do spreadsheets on the laptop, save the files onto one
    PC acting as a pseudo file and print server. The wife is annoyed I lay in bed
    all the time or spread out on the couch working on the PC, and watching TV.

    Hey, I got the network working the way I wanted it to, why not??

    I'm not trying to be a wise guy here, I agree XP, wireless, wireless access
    points, USB routers all working seamlessly can be a challange. I did pull my
    hair out the first few days, I'm not an award winning programmer, but
    systematically got each PC hooked up to the router and working. Basically
    step by step its:

    - Hook each PC up by wire to the router first, firewalls off, making sure
    TCP/IP is working. In between, I learned to recycle the cable modems, and the
    router, and resetting the router. I recently called in a tach guy when I had
    trouble getting things going, and it turned out that the cable modem had a
    battery backup, and he had to take it out to recycle.

    - Then turn on the wireless, right next to the router, to make sure the
    wireless configuration is OK, WCZ works etc.

    - Move the laptop/PC some distance away, where it should go, to see if
    obstructions may create connectivity problems.

    - Configure the firewalls in each and turn the firewalls on after you made
    note of the IP address ranges.

    - You might not see everything in Network neighbohood right away, as the
    system has to set itself up (master browser), and it's taken a day for things
    to straighten out here.

    - Finally, check to see each and every PC connected to the internet, if not
    check with IPCONFIG/all.

    I just junked the cable company internet a few days ago, and went with with
    the phone company FIOS, and its new router. I had everything up and running
    in two hours. Most of the delay was caused by the Linksys adaptor software
    creating problems on one PC when it was moved, and I had to switch it off and
    use WCZ instead. It's always one little bugger.

    Orion, it's not that bad.
    Guest, Nov 3, 2006
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