xp can see nt but not vice versa?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by KORISNIK, May 12, 2008.


    KORISNIK Guest

    those 2 pcs isolated from LAN and connected with crossover
    cable,firewalls down, manually assigned,101 and nt pc
    account has some restrictions (however it operated internet ok while
    it was connected in LAN) Now xp can see nt in workgroup but cant be
    neither accesed,nor ftp-ed by nt (although it is seen in the same
    Is perhaps dhcp on xp interfearing -should it be disabled at boot via
    msconfig or is it smth else?
    KORISNIK, May 12, 2008
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    Chuck [MVP] Guest

    I'd look for a personal firewall or other security component, interfering with
    SMBs, first.

    Then, I'd look at logs from "browstat status", "ipconfig /all", "net config
    server", and "net config workstation", from each computer, and diagnose the
    problem. Read this article, and linked articles, and follow instructions
    precisely (download browstat!):
    Chuck [MVP], May 12, 2008
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    why? Guest

    x-post trimmed to 24HSHD from,

    Manually assigned 100 and 101, you have the same subnet mask and each PC
    has it's own IP as the gateway or the gw is blank.
    Do you mean sharing between the PCs was okay when on the LAN?

    Use the same workgroup name on both PCs.

    You have the same account name/password on both PCs?

    Seeing the name only in the workgroup list?

    Ping via IPs to / from each PC works or fails?
    You did create a share, to well share?
    FTP isn't a workgroup issue. Which PC is the FTP server?

    What error / status message do you get when FTP doesn't work?
    What DHCP? If you manually configured the IP addressing, that's all you
    need. If you mean the DHCP Client service, then it's okay enabled and
    running when the IP settings are static.
    Can't tell from here.

    why?, May 12, 2008
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