XP Activation - Again!

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Lonny Bruce, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Lonny Bruce

    Lonny Bruce Guest

    Hey gang,

    I know this subject has been beat to death, but I wanted to relate a recent
    experience of mine.

    I was restoring the OS in a Gateway computer the other day, about 2 years
    old. The owner of the computer had lost the original recovery disk. So,
    following the advice of co-workers, and peeps in this newsgroup, I used a
    new XP Home disk from inventory, and when prompted, plugged in the Product
    Key from the sticker on the machine. It didn't work. I was prompted to
    call Microsnot about activation, and after waiting on hold for almost 45
    minutes I ended up speaking with someone from India who had an accent so
    strong I could barely understand him.

    The end result was that they would not let me install the software this way.
    If I was going to use a disk other than the original disk, then I had to use
    the Product Key supplied with that disk. Period. "According the

    He suggested I contact Gateway and purchase a replacement restore disk, and
    when I contacted Gateway was informed that they were no longer available.

    What is going on here? The only way Microsnot could have known that the
    product key I used (the original one on the computer case) did not 'match'
    the disk I used is if there was something built into the original Product
    Key that clued them in. The disk I used was brand new and never had been
    activated before.

    And why would the recovery disk not be avialable on a 2 year old computer?
    I sounds a bit like a conspiracy to me. They know that many folks will
    misplace the disks, and so they make them unavailable and force the owner of
    the computer to purchase yet another OS and Product Key!

    Well, didn't bother me none.... I told the customer what had happened and
    just sold him a new OS. And I might mention that I made more money from the
    sale than the whimpy Billy Gates did.

    Just thought I would pass this along, and from now on when a customer does
    not have his original disks, you might mention that they might have to end
    up purchasing a new OS. (and BTW, there was no clue that this wouldn't work
    until AFTER the installation was complete, and the new OS was installed and
    activation was tried. So, there is no going back at that point, ya know?)

    Lonny Bruce, Mar 2, 2005
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  2. Lonny Bruce

    Jamco Guest

    all you need to do is use something like rock xp, get the actual product key
    in use, and reinstall windows xp using that key.

    BUT there are several different versions of windows XP, not just home and
    So you'd have to have the same version of XP for the key to work.
    Jamco, Mar 2, 2005
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  3. Lonny Bruce

    Lonny Bruce Guest

    Do you mean the product key that was in use on the machine may have been
    different than the one on the sticker on the computer?

    I do have a program for obtaining product keys. Two of them actually, one
    for while booted to DOS, and one for use while in windows. But I didn't
    check what the actual product key that was in use was.


    Enjoy my new sailing web site

    Lonny Bruce, Mar 2, 2005
  4. Lonny Bruce

    AG Guest

    He knows that. That's what he did.
    I've got a couple of XP disks for a Dell around here somewhere that won't
    install on anything but a Dell computer. I'm guessing that there's
    something in the BIOS that that CD is checking for.

    AG, Mar 2, 2005
  5. Lonny Bruce

    Lonny Bruce Guest

    billy wrote: Actually you are asked for the key early in the install
    process. You may
    back out without negative effects. The Retail CD will not work with an
    OEM key. An OEM disk would have worked.

    Actually, yes, I was asked for the key early in the install process, and it
    proceeded past that point, apparently successfully. And, yes, I was using
    an OEM disk. It did not work. The problem was in the activation, which is
    the last part of the installation.

    Lonny Bruce, Mar 2, 2005
  6. Lonny Bruce

    Lonny Bruce Guest

    I've run accross that as well. But this case was different in that it was a
    new OEM disk, and I tried to use the original product key that came with the

    Lonny Bruce, Mar 2, 2005
  7. Lonny Bruce

    «BONEHEAD>> Guest

    «BONEHEAD>>, Mar 2, 2005
  8. Lonny Bruce

    Lonny Bruce Guest

    Billy wrote: Was the old/new a difference in SP type

    The old one was SP1 only, had never been updated with SP2. The new OS disk
    had SP2 on it.

    I came accross another machine today with the product key on the sticker not
    matching the product key actually in use. This was an eMachines computer.
    I assume that the manufacturer just uses a key to install on several
    machines at once, and then just puts the sticker on the machine, even though
    the numbers on the sticker aren't actually in use. At least that is my
    theory. But I am checking everytime now before I format a hard drive and
    resintsall an OS.

    Lonny Bruce, Mar 3, 2005
  9. Lonny Bruce

    «BONEHEAD>> Guest

    And here I sit with an unactivated Gateway OEM of XP HOME...
    (long story, blind client, legacy speech software)...
    BTW they sold the BLIND client a DVD player... never could figure that

    [email protected]
    «BONEHEAD>>, Mar 3, 2005
  10. Because DVD Players are used for other things besides watching movies?

    Cause the blind guy likes listening to Concert DVDs?

    Back on Topic....

    I have not had any problems w/ installs, reinstalls, etc. Yeah, I have
    had to call MS, yeah its a pain in the ass, but its never taken 45 min
    and I've never gotton NO as an ansewer. I have reloaded Dells,
    Compaqs, GW, etc using a "regular" OEM CD. I say Regular because its
    a burned copy, w/ an unattedned script that lets me type in the
    customers key from the sticker on the side. I've never had trouble
    activating these at all. (BUT, I havnt done one since 1 March 05)
    Many times I build identical White box PCs, used Sysprep, and cloned
    the drive. Results have varied from all PCs in the set activating
    properly, half activating properly, none activating. Usually a call to
    the 800 # activates it automatically, sometimes you get passed to an
    Indian operator.

    It is really irriating to have to read a 50 digit code into an
    automated voice reckonization system, and then have to type in the 50
    diget code it spits back to you. Its even worse if the machine won't
    authorize it and you get the operator and you are forced to reread the
    code. Its even worse if the machine speaks better English than the
    operator. However, its never taken more than 10 min, and I've never
    been denied. "yeah, I used sysprep and cloned it, now it won't
    activate" "yeah this key is only in use on 1 machine" One time I made
    the operator stay on the phone and authorize 9 keys for me, because I
    didn't want to keep calling back.
    returnoftheyeti, Mar 3, 2005
  11. O, and just to add to the fun, 1 more story. I had a client that
    bought a new PC from my company. They lived almost 2 hours from our
    shop and I was supposed to deliver and set it up. They were going to
    use their existing OS. Well thats all well and good, but I hate
    installing OS's at clients houses. It takes way to long, and if
    somthing goes wrong you are screwed. The clients OS was XP Home, and
    they had the upgrade version.

    I of course did not happed to have a copy of XP Home Upgrade, so I
    downloaded on from a friendly Warez channel. I figured that I could
    Sysprep it and most likely not have to install at the customers house.
    It came w/ a key and I used that for the origional install. Just for
    giggles I tried to activate w/ that key. Of course it came back w/ a
    message that the key was unauthorized and to enter a new key. I
    dutifully typed in the customers key and ZING ZANG it activated. With
    out even having to sysprep it. Not beliving my luck I ran the new MS
    Verification tool. Completely Legit.

    See Warez channels do have a place in this world.
    returnoftheyeti, Mar 3, 2005
  12. Lonny Bruce

    Guest Guest

    Whereabouts on the Microsoft site does it show this info? I can't see it.
    Guest, Mar 4, 2005
  13. Lonny Bruce

    AG Guest

    And guess what, it won't verify Windows 98 because it's obsolete. Or at
    least that what I got.

    AG, Mar 4, 2005
  14. Lonny Bruce

    Guest Guest

    I remember - I have seen this. Didn't know the significance of it until now

    Mine was validated ok so I guess I have no issues.
    Guest, Mar 5, 2005
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