Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by doS, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. doS

    doS Guest

    me wife decides to get me a new laptop for xmas, we go to the retailer,they
    dont have it in stock. we order it, pay cash upfront.they tell me a week to
    10 days to ship to my workplace., and gives me the reciept.this is on the
    12/22.so i look online on the 12/26 and see they now have laptops in the
    local stores.I call the 800 number , request my order cancelled,and request
    store pickup instead..sure no problem I am told.I then call the local store
    and explain the whole thing to them, i want to get store stock so i don't
    have to wait for shipping.I get transfered from dept to dept, disconnected
    about 4 times, and keep having to explain my story over and over.
    finally, i get a manager at the store, who tells me, ok, we canclled the
    online order, I have a laptop in my hands with your name on it, come get it.
    we go to the store, I show the girl my receipt, she gets the lappy off the
    shelf, hands me my reciept back and the laptop and says have a good day.I am
    thinking, wait, then I thinks,I am not going thru the whole story again.

    today fedex delivers another laptop to me. ;-)
    doS, Dec 29, 2007
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  2. doS

    pcbutts1 Guest

    Merry belated Christmas.


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    pcbutts1, Dec 29, 2007
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  3. doS

    Rôgêr Guest

    I'll give you $100 for it.
    Rôgêr, Dec 29, 2007
  4. doS

    doS Guest


    doS, Dec 29, 2007
  5. doS

    richard Guest

    A few days before Christmas a few years back, I was getting onto the
    Ohio turnpike in my truck. Pulled up to the toll booth as usual. Ohio
    has two printouts, one for cars, one for trucks. My ticket comes out
    the bottom for cars, so I had to wiggle out of the truck to get it.

    Figuring I'd have to pay truck rates anyway, I wasn't going to be to
    surprised if that happened. Ohio doesn't check again as Pa does when
    you exit. So I rolled up to the booth, told the clerk what happened,
    she runs the ticket through.
    "Merry Christmas".
    Paid for like a class 3 when I was supposed to be class 8.
    richard, Dec 29, 2007
  6. doS

    me Guest

    Nice one. Similar happened to me back in 94. Living in London,I bought a
    computer from Argos,which is a catalogue store. After a few weeks the thing
    was acting up,and was a complete pile of crap.
    i was outside the return period so they wouldnt let me return it. Undeterred
    by this i managed to get through to someone high up at head office and she
    was all apologetic and told me i could return it if i wasnt happy and said
    the idiots at the store didnt know what they were doing.
    So I took it back to the store that i got it from,I had only paid a 20%
    deposit on it,(The rest was to be paid on monthly payments) so I got that
    back in cash when i took it back to the store. All happy. About a week
    later,I get a cheque in the mail from Argos for the FULL retail price of the
    computer,even though i had only paid the deposit and already had that
    I almost ran to the bank and paid 10 quid to do a special clearance on the
    cheque before the idiots realised their mistake and cancelled it. Next day
    it was in my account. Never heard from them,so likewise,they never heard
    from me either.
    me, Dec 30, 2007
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