Xmas presents for all VoIP providers!

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Merlin, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Merlin

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    Dear all!

    Xmas is coming! Who doesn’t like to get presents for Xmas? Let me be your
    Santa this year!

    I have a large variety of VoIP software for wholesale and retail business:
    Nextone switch, SBC solutions, Class 4 and 5 softswitches, Portaone Bill,
    SIP, UM (now MR19!!!), VoipSwitch (2.985 up to 3.0.0x version),
    Voicemaster (6.0 - 7.0), Sysmaster (2.0.58), Alepo Billing, MIND CTI,
    Advanced Billing, Sansay, Signate IP-PBX and many others!
    Buy any software before Xmas Eve and get a present of 2 months support!!!
    Start new year with a new software and no headache with its configuration,
    we’ll configure and setup it for you FREE!!!!

    Our professional engineers are able to execute almost any project for you:
    - Calling cards,
    - Pc-to-Phone,
    - Callback (ANI, DID, PIN, Web, SMS),
    - IPTV,
    - IP PBX,
    - VoIP Termination,
    - Virtual office,
    - Callshop,
    - SMS Content Distribution,
    - Hosted solutions,
    - DID management and numbers distribution,
    - Predictive dialing,
    - Wholesale VoIP

    Don’t have large budget to invest? Remember, I’m Santa, mail me and we’ll
    find a solution!!! I’ll make your dreams come true!

    With best wishes,
    Your Santa Merlin!

    Contact details:
    e-mail: merlin.mayer(AT)gmail.com
    Yahoo: merlin_mayer
    Skype: VoIP_consultant

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    no-spam access to your favorite newsgroup -
    comp.dcom.voice-over-ip - 6827 messages and counting
    Merlin, Dec 11, 2009
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