xd memory card won't format in my card reader ~ any ideas?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Barb, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Barb

    Barb Guest

    I just purchased two Fujifilm XD 512 mb picture cards on ebay from a
    guy with great feedback, and when I started using them in my camera,
    they seemed to work fine, they replayed the photo back on the camera
    fine, etc. I then tried to put them into my card reader to download
    them to Photobucket and all sorts of weird messages started popping up
    - like the card needed to be formatted and did I want to format it now,
    etc. I didn't care about the photos on the card already shot, so said
    "Yes" I want to format, and it came back that the cards might be
    write-protected. Then when I tried to insert that card back into my
    computer, it was not allowing me to use it, saying it needed to be
    initialized. So I formatted the card in my computer, and it still
    would not allow it. Are the cards just plain bad, or am I missing
    something? Supposedly the guy got these wholesale direct from the
    manufacturer, and I'm the only one who has complained so far. Any
    Barb, Dec 11, 2006
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  2. Barb

    tomcas Guest

    What Camera (make and model),card reader(make and model),and cards
    (regular, M, or H)are you using? There are a crap load of compatibility
    questions which cannot be fully checked without all this info. As a
    rule, to avoid trouble, only format in the camera. To play it real safe,
    never copy images to the card from the pc, nor delete them from the pc.
    Something to do with proprietary tags.
    tomcas, Dec 11, 2006
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  3. I just purchased two Fujifilm XD 512 mb picture cards on ebay from a
    My guess is that you got Type M ot H 512mb cards, which have some definite
    compatibility issues with most card readers. Not all; such cards have been
    around for a bit, but there are a whole lot of card readers that just don't
    like them. I finally found some Inland CR2009 model card readers that work
    great and don't cost a bunch; bought three of them to replace everything I
    have. They ran about $19.99 if I recall correctly, and read just about any
    type of card out there (not just XD).

    But another thing to consider is that you should never, EVER, (did I make
    that clear enough?) format your cards in a card reader. They should always
    be done in the camera they'll be used in. Oh sure, you should be able to get
    away with it, and often times you can, but the world is full of stories
    where doing so created cards that a camera couldn't write or, or, worse,
    mangled images on due to corruption.

    For what it's worth, you don't need to buy XD cards on eBay to get good
    deals anymore. Frys has had 2 gig versions for $49.99, and 1 gig for $29.99
    (I think I saw a $19.99 deal after rebate recently). I wouldn't buy the 2
    gig card because they're the slower Type M; better to wait for the Type H to
    come out in that size.

    --Mike-- Chain Reaction Bicycles
    Mike Jacoubowsky, Dec 11, 2006
  4. Barb

    Barb Guest

    Hi and thanks guys for your input - I reread my message and what I
    meant to say was after my foiled attempt at formatting the card in the
    card reader, I formatted the cards in my camera, not my computer, but
    I will take your advice. It does sounds like there must be a
    compatability issue with the card reader. Go figure, though, that the
    card reader is a Fujifilm FinePix xd and smart media card reader, my
    camera is a fujifilm S-5000 and the funky 512mb cards are fujifilm,
    too, so I don't know how much more compatible you can get! The card
    reader works like a charm with my Olympus xd cards. It wouldn't have
    anything to do with the size of the memory card, would it? My Olympus
    ones are 256mb's. I don't know what type of card I got, Type M or H -
    didn't even know there were different types. They came delivered out of
    package but in their little cases. But you recommend a Type H 1 Gig
    card then? That's good advice. Thanks!

    Mike Jacoubowsky wrote:>
    Barb, Dec 11, 2006
  5. Hi and thanks guys for your input - I reread my message and what I
    Depends upon how old the Fujifilm card reader is; obviously, anything recent
    should be completely compatible.
    Anything smaller than 512mb is the older, "standard" type that should work
    in any card reader, no matter what. It's only on sizes 512mb & larger (as
    far as I know) that they came up with a slightly-different type of memory
    card. Early 512mb cards had no issues, but when they added the "type M" &
    "type H" cards to the lineup, things went sour for many card readers. If
    your card is either "M" or "H", it will say so on the card itself. If it
    says neither, then it's the older, more-compatible style. Doesn't matter
    whether it's Olympus or Fuji, the types & markings are the same.
    Sure, that would be a good card, but the two 512mb units you have now will
    probably work fine with a different reader. No reason to buy more cards
    unless you need them. Good luck!

    --Mike-- Chain Reaction Bicycles
    Mike Jacoubowsky, Dec 11, 2006
  6. Barb

    ASAAR Guest

    If the card is type M or type H it will have a big "M" or "H" on
    the card. Type H is newer, and is supposed to be faster, but it is
    also the type least compatible with card readers. The S5000 was
    sold long several years before the introduction of type H cards, so
    there really shouldn't be any reason why the S5000 would require
    them. I bought an S5100 two years ago and I don't think that even
    type M cards were available then, but I bought one several months
    later. Type M cards work in my computer's built-in reader as well
    as every external card reader I've tried. I eventually bought a
    type H card and it also works in my computer's internal card reader
    (a pain, since it's a slooow card reader), but it failed to work
    properly in two external card readers that I tried. For what it's
    worth, looking at the fine print on the packages of most card
    readers, most will say that they're compatible with type M xD cards,
    but I've yet to see one that mentions type H cards. Obviously some
    card readers are compatible with type H xD cards, but since I really
    haven't had a need for one, I haven't looked very hard.

    There are only two reasons that I can see for getting a type H xD
    card. One would be if you plan to get a new, faster camera in the
    next year or two, and want to use your old cards with it. The new
    camera may need a type H xD card for its highest speed operations,
    such as continuous shooting or video. The other reason would be if
    you have a compatible USB 2.0 High Speed card reader. It would
    probably be able to transfer pictures to the computer quicker than
    if regular or type M cards were used.
    ASAAR, Dec 11, 2006
  7. Barb

    Chris Luck Guest

    You think Fuji wouldn't sell you a reader that won't read their own cards?


    "The DPC-UD1 is not compatible with xD-Picture Card Type H."
    Chris Luck, Dec 11, 2006
  8. Barb

    Phil Wheeler Guest

    What operating system?

    Phil Wheeler, Dec 11, 2006
  9. Barb

    Barb Guest

    Hi Phil - my operating system is Windows XP. If I am understanding
    everyone, I'm probably better off purchasing a newer card reader that
    will read M type memory cards, since I have two of these M 512mb cards
    and they are probably more costly than a new reader. Then again, I can
    return them to the seller and he'll refund my $$. Barb
    Barb, Dec 11, 2006
  10. Barb


    Jul 6, 2008
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    XD cards in CR2001 Reader

    Insert XD with contacts down into the wider of the two slots on the opposite side of the cable -- directly above the lower slot that is invitingly close to the right size, but too small.
    rhorn, Jul 6, 2008
  11. Barb


    Nov 15, 2010
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    tykelt, Nov 15, 2010
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