XCon 2011 XFocus Information Security Conference Call for Paper

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    XCon 2011 XFocus Information Security Conference Call for Paper

    September, 1st – 2nd, 2011, Beijing, China (http://xcon.xfocus.net)

    Upholding rigorous work style, XCon sincerely welcomes contributions from information security technique enthusiasts and expects your participation and sharing.

    Anyone who loves information security, including information security experts and fans,
    network administrators, network security consultants, CIO, hacker technique fans.

    Location : Beijing Jintai Hotel ( http://www.bjjintaihotel.com )

    Topics Range (but unlimited):
    --- Security in new fields
    - New Bugs digging
    - Cloud Security
    - Mobile Handset (IPhone / Android / Windows Mobile 7 )
    - Web2.0
    - SNS Application
    - Banks & Financial institutes
    - Business Information System
    - Virtualization

    --- Application security
    - Web application vulnerability research
    - Application reverse engineering and related automated tools
    - Database security & attacks
    - Protocol security & exploitation
    - Advanced Trojans, worms and backdoor technique
    - Encryption & decryption technique
    - Routing device

    --- Intrusion detection/forensics analysis
    - File system analysis & recovery
    - Real-time data structure recovery
    - Reverse engineering (malicious code analysis technique, vulnerability research)
    - Intrusion detection and anti-detection technique
    - Traffic analysis

    --- Wireless & VoIP security
    - 802.11x, CDPD, Bluetooth, WAP/TD-SCDMA, GSM, SMS
    - PDA & mobile protocol analysis
    - Wireless gateway
    - VoIP security & vulnerability analysis
    - WLANs hardening & vulnerability analysis

    ---P2P technique
    - Instant messenger (QQ,MSN, Skype, ICQ, etc.)
    - P2P application (BT, Emule, Thunder, etc.)

    Paper Submission:
    The papers need include information as follow:
    1) Brief introduction to the topic and whether the topic had been publicized, and if so, the publicized range.
    2) Introduction to yourself.
    3) Contact information: full name, alias, nationality, network nickname, e-mail,tel,fax,current working place and company, IM (QQ,MSN, ICQ,YM, AIM or others).
    4) Presentation details:
    - How long is the presentation
    - If any new tool/vulnerability/Exploit code will be released
    5) The paper need include both PPT (for presentation) and WORD (for detailed description) in
    MS Office or OpenOffice format.

    All the papers will be submitted to [email protected] for preliminary selection.
    The deadline for submission is on July, 25th ,2011, and the deadline for confirmation is on
    August, 5th, 2011.
    No matter if the paper is accepted, we will officially inform you within 5 work days.

    Important dates:
    * Deadline for submission: July, 25th, 2011
    * Deadline for confirmation: August, 5th, 2011

    Speakers' privilege:
    If your paper is accepted by XCon, you will be invited to give an individual lecture in XCon.
    The speakers will be provided with:
    - Round-trip plane ticket (Economy class, one person only, Foreign speakers up to$1,200.)
    - Two days' food and accommodation
    - Invitation to celebration party
    - Sightseeing some famous places of interests in Beijing, tasting Chinese flavored food
    - Luck draw

    - Speakers must provide corresponding invoice or credential.
    - XCon owns the right of final explanation about the conference.

    For more information about the conference, please contact [email protected],[email protected] or professional XCon2011 organizer. MSN: [email protected]; tel: 086-010-62029792

    Application for Attending:
    In order to attend the conference, please register at XCon website (http://xcon.xfocus.net) or
    directly contact the organizer mentioned above.
    We will offer different discounts according to the time of application.
    Attenders' food and accommodation will be covered by themselves, and XCon will provide
    restaurant reservation and other service.

    Other information :
    All the information about XCon will be released on XCon and Xfocus website.
    Please visit http://xcon.xfocus.org/ for more information about speakers, agenda and previous
    XCon documents.

    Thank you for your support to XCon.
    xcon2011, Apr 1, 2011
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