xbox wireless adapter (MN-740) Looking for firmware upgrade if ava

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by headcreepz, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. headcreepz

    headcreepz Guest

    Can anyone tell me where to download the firmware upgrades for this device??
    I don't even know if there have been any updates, but any help would be
    greatly appreciated. By the way, the user guide refers to a web address for
    these updates, but there is no help at this link. Thank you
    headcreepz, Oct 22, 2006
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  2. headcreepz

    Jason Tsang Guest

    The latest (last) firmware/software updates for all MSBBN hardware can be
    found here

    MSBBN: How to update the firmware and software for your Microsoft Broadband
    Networking device

    Jason Tsang - Microsoft MVP

    Read my blog for the latest in Media Center topics
    (and other topics that interest me)

    More information by me

    Find out about the MS MVP Program -
    Jason Tsang, Oct 22, 2006
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