Xbox Wireless Adapter - IP Changes

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by Poppa Earl, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Poppa Earl

    Poppa Earl Guest

    I was successfully using the Xbox wireless adapter (mn-740) to network a
    laser printer. For whatever reason it stopped. According to my router the
    address is 192.**.1.7, and the mac address matches. I can ping and get a
    response. The problem is I manually configured the adater with a different
    address, which, when I go to the Xbox network setup, still shows the address
    I configured, not the one the router reports back. I have reset the router,
    the modem, the adapter and the odd thing is after I reset the Xbox adapter,
    it still shows the IP I configured, not the factory default. Am I missing
    something, or is this screwed up somewhere down the line?

    Poppa Earl, Aug 11, 2006
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  2. Poppa Earl

    Joker Guest

    Well first off I'm betting you IP address is as 192.168.*.*
    is the class c Private IP Address (AKA NAT). The router might be
    reporting the IP address it assigned before you configured the MN-740 to
    be static.

    We need more information about your network. The following would be
    helpful otherwise I be pulling out random ideas that could actually make
    things worse.

    What router & firmware version are you running?

    What print server & firmware are you running?

    Have you tried temporally connecting the printer via a wired connection
    since the problem started?

    Have you tried connecting the MN-740 to something other then that printer?

    What do you mean by saying "it stopped"?

    Did you know that the MN-740 gets an IP address while the device it is
    connected to also gets an IP address which has to be different from the
    one the MN-740 has?

    Ok I'm out of questions for now. The more you answer the better we can
    help you. Remember there is no point in hiding a private IP address in
    a forum on the Internet as we'd need the public IP address to do
    anything so what's the point.


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    Joker, Aug 11, 2006
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