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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Fastmoggy, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. Fastmoggy

    Fastmoggy Guest

    hi all,
    A while back i asked about how to fix an xbox 360 with the ring of death,
    in this case it was all 4!
    Someone here sent me the 'destruction's links on how to strip down the box.
    Having fixed the box i didn't bother saving the links so if anyone can help
    me find it please help.

    Just some other information. My son saw the you tube videos telling viewers
    to wrap it in a towel and causing it to over heat which fixes the problem! I
    didn't know about this until he had it wrapped for over an hour switched on
    which im sure has killed it?
    I did strip it down and cleaned the cpu/gpu and applied new heat sink
    compound but on switch on it went down to 3 rings of death.
    So any ideas on what might be wrong now?
    It did fire up for a few moments then crashed which id say was over heating
    but that issue was dealt with? and heat sink clamps all ok.
    The box is out of warranty..well it certainly is now! so the only fix is
    either myself (again) or a shop which will cost just as much as a new 360.
    Ok thanks in advance for any help on getting the links again and please
    don't tempt me to drop it from a great height! well then again it's an idea
    Fastmoggy, Jan 3, 2010
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  2. Fastmoggy

    chuckcar Guest

    Don't touch electronic equipment ever again. You're too stupid to
    understand such things.
    chuckcar, Jan 3, 2010
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  3. Fastmoggy

    Fastmoggy Guest

    The best laugh ive had in ages!

    Why didn't you just say you haven't a clue or better still not bother
    replying as you only replaced that waste of space by errr yourself,,,a waste
    of space :-/
    Well just to report that it's now fixed! problem heatsink clamp leg had
    sprung off whilst rebuilding.
    As for xbox construction....very basic and crap no wonder micrcrap have a
    problem and they still selling them, even the all new elite has known
    Fastmoggy, Jan 3, 2010
  4. Fastmoggy

    §nühw¤£f Guest

    G00gle their product reliability statistics, its very poor.
    M$ decided to go with a short service life and planned obsolecence model
    with the 'X-box'.


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    /___/_/|_/\____/_//_/ \[email protected]_/ \__|\__|\____/\____\_\
    §nühw¤£f, Jan 3, 2010
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