x64 Intellitype/pro Finally on or before 1st Jan 2006

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Andrew Ahearne, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Andrew Ahearne, Dec 7, 2005
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  2. I lose, you win.

    I was wrong to tip these drivers not being released before vista comes out.
    I thought Vista will make 64 bit computing more common, and i thought most
    hardware vendors would wait until vista comes out before issuing 64 bit
    drivers. But I was wrong.

    I commend the people for taking up the fight to Microsoft to include x64
    support, and I wish them all the best in trying the new software on xp x64 -
    happy 64 bit computing and merry xmas & happy 2006. The people have proved
    to me, that we should never give up on trying to make things a lot easier
    for ourselves if we really want to, and anything is possible if we never
    stop trying provided it is in the right manner and through the right

    William Walker
    William Walker, Dec 7, 2005
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  3. Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Dec 7, 2005
  4. Well, credit actually goes to the folks in this newsgroup. You all made it
    really easy for me to make my case to Microsoft and help them understand the
    importance of this issue. Without the support and evidence that the folks
    here gave me, I seriously doubt if we'd have seen drivers significantly
    prior to Vista. But the new PM for XP x64 Edition, and his boss, both heard
    you loud and clear. Darrell also made the case strongly from his side of the
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Dec 7, 2005
  5. Andrew Ahearne

    Piers James Guest

    let's hope that they include support for older keyboards. My Internet
    Keyboard Pro, which isn't really that old a product, is not supported by the
    most recent versions of IntelliType Pro, and I would be very disappointed to
    find that it has been excluded from the x64 support.
    Piers James, Dec 7, 2005
  6. Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Dec 7, 2005
  7. Andrew Ahearne, Dec 7, 2005
  8. Lets hope so, but pretty much unlikely with Vista in development.
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    Blog | http://www.extended64.com/blogs/andre
    FAQ for MS AntiSpy http://www.geocities.com/marfer_mvp/FAQ_MSantispy.htm

    Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Dec 7, 2005
  9. Mark Gillespie, Dec 7, 2005
  10. Andrew Ahearne

    Neal Guest

    Sweet. That is so nice to hear. After this I will be just down to my
    Logitech Web cam for not having drivers.
    Neal, Dec 7, 2005
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