WTS Patton SIP/H323 VOIP Gateways - w/2 yr warranty & lifetime support

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by isptrader, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. isptrader

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    WTS Manufacturer Brand New Patton SN2300/SN2400 Voice Gateways, with
    manufacturer warranty and lifetime technical support and softwar

    These are manufacturer brand new, award-winning Patton Smartnode voice
    gateways that compare favorably with the AS5350. Focusing on the smal
    provider, no expensive SmartNet or other support contracts are needed
    the total cost of ownership, support, and value is far, far bette
    anything comparable.

    Features: 1 to 4 VOIP PRI. SIP/H.323, G.711, G.726, G.723, G.729a/b
    FoIP, etc. Please visit http://isptrader.com/patton.htm for mor

    SmartNode 2300 1E1 VOIP $ 3,995
    SmartNode 2300 2E1 VOIP $ 6,450
    SmartNode 2400 2E1 VOIP $ 7,395
    Smartnode 2400 3E1 VOIP $ 9,850
    Smartnode 2400 4E1 VOIP $11,990
    SmartNode 2300 1T1 VOIP $ 3,795
    SmartNode 2300 2T1 VOIP $ 5,995
    SmartNode 2400 2T1 VOIP $ 6,995
    Smartnode 2400 3T1 VOIP $ 9,250
    Smartnode 2400 4T1 VOIP $11,395

    SmartNode 1E1/T1 VOIP Expansion Card $ 2,499

    Brand new, fully licensed, with 2 year mfr warranty and support. I
    and ready to ship.

    http://isptrader.com (company information and catalog
    isptrader, Jun 24, 2005
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