WTS Lucent Max 6000/4000 VOIP/V92/V90 - E1 & T1

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by isptrader, Aug 19, 2005.

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    Max 6000 Universal Voice/Data Configurations

    The Lucent Max 6000 with TAOS 10.x flashcard and the 60m-dsp universal port
    cards supports H.323 and most voice codecs and standards, including G.711,
    G.723, and G.729, as well as QOS RFC 2474 and RFC 791/1349. Because the
    60m-dsp is a universal "on demand" card, it also supports V92/V90 dialin

    Lucent/Ascend Max 6000 AC V92/VOIP 2E1 60 $1950 (H323 VOIP/V92)
    Lucent/Ascend Max 6000 AC V92/VOIP 2T1 48 $$1495 (H323 VOIP/V92)

    Max 6000 Dialup/V90 Configurations
    Lucent/Ascend Max 6000 AC V90 60 $1495 (v90 dialup only)
    Lucent/Ascend Max 6000 AC V90 120 $1895 (v90 dialup only)

    Max 4000 Dialup/V90 Configurations
    Lucent/Ascend Max 4000 AC V90 30 1E1 $795 (v90 dialup only)
    Lucent/Ascend Max 4000 AC V90 60 2E1 $895 (v90 dialup only)

    90-day warranty on all gear.

    http://isptrader.com (company information)

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    isptrader, Aug 19, 2005
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