WTS Cisco CVPN3000/CVPN3000E Bundles and Components

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by isptrader, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. isptrader

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    WTS - ISPTrader.com has in stock and ready to ship the following Cisco
    CVPN-3000 and 3000E bundles and components:

    Cisco CVPN3000-SEP-200U 1750

    Cisco CVPN3000-SEP-E 3250

    Cisco CVPN3002-Bun 395

    Cisco CVPN3030E-NR-Bun-2AC (SEP-E) 5500

    Cisco CVPN3030E-Red-Bun-2AC (SEP-E) 8500

    Cisco CVPN3030-NR-Bun-2AC (SEP-200U) 3950

    Cisco CVPN3030-Red-Bun-2AC (SEP-200U) 5450

    Cisco CVPN3060E-NR-BUN-2AC (SEP-E) 8500

    Cisco CVPN3060E-Red-Bun-2AC (SEP-E) 11500

    Cisco CVPN3060-NR-BUN-2AC (SEP-200U) 5450

    Cisco CVPN3060-Red-Bun-2AC (SEP-200U) 6995

    Cisco CVPN3080E-Red-Bun2AC (SEP-E) 14900

    Cisco CVPN3080-Red-Bun2AC (SEP-200U) 7995

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    Skype/Skype-Chat: RJBricker

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    isptrader, Nov 6, 2007
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