Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Julian Visch, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Julian Visch

    Julian Visch Guest

    You can also install software on your own machine which will just use
    your modem as a fax machine.
    Julian Visch, Jul 25, 2003
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  2. Julian Visch

    NZed Guest

    Can anyone recomend a free internet fax service with no catches !
    All I need to do is send faxes to California from NZ.
    As there will be a frequent amount of faxes I was looking to find something
    that would be simple and low cost.

    NZed, Jul 25, 2003
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  3. Julian Visch

    Peter Murray Guest

    Try http://www.eztel.com/freefax/ - a service for sending faxes via email to
    a large number of places.
    Peter Murray, Jul 25, 2003
  4. Julian Visch

    Andy Lawson Guest

    Have a look at the following webpage


    You can use this to send faxes via your email.
    Andy Lawson, Jul 26, 2003
  5. Julian Visch

    NZed Guest

    Thanks Peter
    Just what the Doctor ordered...Free fax and also via email.
    NZed, Jul 26, 2003
  6. That's for occasional faxing. Abuse gets you blocked

    Quicksilver were offering anytime rates to the USA of 18c/min 2 years ago.

    It should have gone down from then
    Uncle StoatWarbler, Jul 26, 2003
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