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Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Teddi Easlon, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. Teddi Easlon

    Teddi Easlon Guest

    The WROX publisher is no longer, however, alot of their
    great books are still around. I just picked up WROX's
    ADO.Net at borders on their specials rack for $1.00.

    Another publisher bought some of WROX titles but not all
    and if they can't return them to the publisher then
    Borders is drastically discounting them to get rid of
    them. I also saw ASPNET on the clearance rack for $1.00
    but didn't get it because I already had it. These are
    great references books and not really geared toward exams.

    A friend told me about this because he picked a couple up
    in Dallas over the weekend. I picked mine up at one of
    the Borders stores in Fort Worth.

    Teddi Easlon, Oct 7, 2003
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  2. Visited three local Borders (greater Hartford, CT) to get them at either 75%
    off or for a dollar. At those prices it's hard to not buy them! I also
    checked the local B&N, but they returned all theirs to the publisher (now
    Wiley). Go figure...

    Don't discount them for exam prep though. They're very relevant. You may of
    course need an exam guide or to reference the MSDN to fill in the gaps for
    some of the less covered topics not found in the books that are covered on
    the exams.

    Leigh Kendall, Oct 7, 2003
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