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Discussion in 'Network Routers' started by badgolferman, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. badgolferman

    badgolferman Guest

    My Netgear WGR614v7 has a problem with the time and date.

    Current Time: Saturday, 04 Jan 2003 06:50:40

    I cannot change the time and date to the correct one and Netgear
    support is incredibly stupid or purposely avoiding helping me.

    The time used to be correct but somehow it fell off.

    I have reflashed it with the current firmware and reset the power but
    all it does is go back to 01 Jan 2003. Where does it get its time from

    Any ideas please?
    badgolferman, Jul 4, 2009
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  2. According to the user manual the router uses multiple nntp servers to update
    the time.

    I have seen some people have had success by defaulting the router to factory
    defaults. I would save your configuration to your PC first. Your model can
    be reset from the "Main Menu|Maintenance|Settings Backup" menu. Then give
    it 5 to 10 minutes to locate a server on the web and see if the clock
    updates. If it does you might be able to reload your configuration file and
    have it stay updated. If not manually configure the router back to what you
    had. Possibly the built in firewall has been set to block nntp access.

    I don't have one of these routers but some of them, when you tell it to save
    the configuration file to your PC it saves it in a plain text file. If your
    model does you can read through it and look for the nntp servers it is
    polling to see if any of them still exist. If not, edit the file and reload
    it back into the router.

    I was going to suggest trying the dd-wrt software and see if the router ran
    better with that but a quick look shows revision 7 of your router is not
    GlowingBlueMist, Jul 4, 2009
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