Writing to folder failed message

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Doug Chadduck, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. My daughter keeps getting this message when trying to move messages from
    her inbox to her various folders. It seems to be only certain folders
    where it happens. Clicking and dragging the message does nothing so and
    when she goes to the drop down menu is when she's getting the message.
    She has version 1.5........
    My apologies, as I've seen this addressed but can't seem to find where I
    saw it or the possible solutions.
    Thanks Dad
    Doug Chadduck, Mar 8, 2006
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  2. I should have added that I deleted the .msf files and I compacted
    folders. Still a couple flakey folders. Renamed one of them and it made
    no difference. Can move same messages to other folders with no problems.
    There are probably less that 200 total messages, scattered over a dozen
    sub folders, in the profile. Hardware is not an issue as we have over
    200 MB free space on that drive.
    Doug Chadduck, Mar 8, 2006
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  3. Doug Chadduck

    gwtc Guest

    You say that your "daughter keeps getting this message". What
    message? It does help if you tell us what the message says. Also,
    when deleting the msf files, you are doing it with the program closed?
    gwtc, Mar 8, 2006
  4. Doug Chadduck

    Z Guest

    See the subject: "Writing to folder failed."
    Z, Mar 8, 2006
  5. Doug Chadduck

    gwtc Guest

    next time, don't put the message within the subject. Lots of people
    don't read it.

    And you erased my other question, which you didn't answer, so I'll
    repeat it again: "Also, when deleting the msf files, you are doing it
    with the program closed? Right?"
    gwtc, Mar 8, 2006
  6. Doug Chadduck

    Z Guest

    Lighten up! I'm not the author of the original question!

    I was just interjecting to answer the question you asked, which I knew.
    Z, Mar 8, 2006
  7. Doug Chadduck

    gwtc Guest

    Hey, I see many postings a day. When you remove the author wrote
    lines, then it makes it difficult to figure out who said what.
    gwtc, Mar 8, 2006
  8. OP back here. She gets "message could not be moved or copied to folder
    'Name Your Folder' because writing to folder failed. To gain disk space
    from the file menu, first choose empty trash and then use compact
    folders and then try again". I know it's been discussed before but I
    can't find where. It is specific to certain folders versus all folders.
    ..msf files deleted with TB closed. Checked task manager for sure. I
    moved the messages from one of the suspect folders to a temp one,
    deleted the suspect folder, and created a new one with the same name,
    put the old messages back in, and moved a new one from the inbox into
    it. That seemed to fix that one. Haven't gone thru the rest of them yet.
    Dumped trash and compacted folders etc. Maybe just a couple of corrupted
    folders? Some how? I don't know. She says this been happening for a
    while but I have no idea what that really means. Poor girl hasn't had
    good Karma on TB yet. This isn't the first issue Dad has had to deal
    with. Would really like it to be the last. Thanks
    Doug Chadduck, Mar 8, 2006
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