WPA not working on Japanese windows XP SP2

Discussion in 'Wireless Networks' started by Saku, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Saku

    Saku Guest

    I have similar experiences with my daughters PC.
    Finnish XP home, sp3 in Amilo 7320 laptop (artheros wlan built in).
    I had earlier Dlink router but because of these problems I changed it to Buffalo AristationG.

    Still same going on. It may work a week, or a hour then connection disappears and does not come back. No matter what I do with XP. Reloading drivers, flushing all settings...... no help.

    At the same time my own laptop Amilo 1705 with Zonet's USB wlan (ZyDas chip) in Mandriva linux works 100% with same base station. I can turn it on and off and always it returns online.

    Some notes:
    - using WPA TKIP. passphrase has up and lowcase letters and "%"signs
    - XP does not get IP from DHCP. That what it looks at XP's side.
    - base station says that XP is not authorized, but on the other hand DHCP-monitor shows a lease for XP (from previous successfull connect)
    - if PC is totally turned off and then the lease is manually deleted from base station IT COMES BACK!! and can not be removed ! Ghosts!
    - if I put manually IP to connection (remove DHCP usage at tcp/ip config) XP says that connection is up and established. But base station still says "not authorized". And even it looks ok at XP's side there is no real connection. You can't ping anything, browser can not connect internet etc...
    - if I power down base station and start it again the XP usually can make new, working connect, using DHCP. Sometimes, specially with old D-link base station, it required several restarts for base station before XP worked again (note: XP was on all the time during resets).

    This does not give answers, but hopefully more information.

    I suspect there is something nasty with XP's DHCP lease renew procedure.
    As we know it will renew lease when half of lease time has expired.
    I have feeling, but cannot prove, that when I had lease time of one hour it failed more often than with lease time of one day.

    XP has something that mess up the base station's DHCP server's lease database and/or connect's pairwise keys.

    - does XP REALLY work with WPA and static IP, or does it just look that way from XP's side?
    - if this kind of thing happens try to restart base sation first. Did it help? Then try to flush and power off XP first, then base station. Then restart both. Helped?
    - when XP is stoned, why a linux box works whole time 100% with same base station ? Must be something with XP's way to initiate the connection.

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    Saku, Dec 31, 2008
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