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Discussion in 'Wireless Networks' started by Mystified, May 13, 2005.

  1. Mystified

    Mystified Guest

    Hi, all. I recently installed a home network on three Dell desktops running
    XP Professional with SP2 and all critical updates installed. One desktop is
    connected via Ethernet cable to a Belkin Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router
    (model F5D7230-4, version 1110) that has been updated with the most recent
    firmware. The other two desktops are connected via Belkin Wireless Desktop
    Network Cards with the most recent drivers. Both cards are model F5D7000,
    but one card is version 1133, while the other card is version 1010. The
    network works fine when I do not use WEP or WPA encryption. However, when I
    try to use WPA-PSK/TKIP encryption, the desktops connected to the router by
    the Ethernet cable and the F5D7000 card, version 1133, work fine, but the
    desktop with the version 1010 card does not give me the option of selecting
    WPA encryption--it's not on the drop down list in the XP wireless
    configuration utility; I can only select WEP or Disabled. Belkin Tech
    Support insists this is a Windows issue. Any thoughts? Thanks.
    Mystified, May 13, 2005
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  2. .................................
    The wired computers are not affected as WPA is only part of wireless.

    The card / driver combination must give you the option or it is simply not
    capable of the mode (WPA) that you want. At least if you are using their
    software and not Windows software. If you're using Windows software there
    is still a relationship between the card / driver and what you can set in.

    Fred Marshall, May 13, 2005
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  3. Mystified

    Mystified Guest

    Fred, thanks for your response to my question. I understand that WPA
    encryption does not apply to the wired computer. My problem is that I have
    two Belkin wireless cards with the same model number installed with the same
    drivers on two computers that both run XP Pro with all critical updates
    including SP2, but one card is version 1130 and the other is version 1010,
    and I do not have the option of selecting WPA encryption using the Windows
    configuration utility on the computer with the version 1010 card, even though
    I do have that option on the computer with the version 1130 card and have
    successfully done so (the drivers for these cards require the user to
    configure WPA encryption with the Windows configuration utility). Is it
    possible that the version 1130 card is WPA-capable and the version 1010 card
    is not? Belkin Tech Support says they both are WPA-capable and that my
    problem is Windows-related. I'm...

    Mystified, May 13, 2005
  4. Mystified,

    Did you Google on these things?

    Check out:


    Maybe it's the difference in the software setup between the two computers.
    You didn't say you swapped cards between the two computers and tried that.

    Fred Marshall, May 13, 2005
  5. Mystified

    Pavel A. Guest

    What if you swap the cards ( plug the 1130 into other PC, and v.v)?

    Pavel A., May 14, 2005
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