Would you Buy: Nikon Coolpix 990 or 995

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Larry R Harrison Jr, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. I've been toying with getting a Nikon Coolpix 2500 or, now, a 2100. I like
    the 2100 better because I think its ergonomics are far superior (you select
    different scenes--a sort of pseudo aperture control--with a rotary knob
    rather than via menu navigation, for one), it uses AA batteries and it has a

    That said, I'm tempted by "upper-crust" models which give flat-out
    aperture-shutter speed control directly. I'd love the 5700 model but can't
    blow a grand.

    I've been toying with getting a used 990 or 995. They seem like ones which
    would give me great 3 megapixel quality while still allowing me to get the
    control I'm used to with my SLR.

    Would you consider any of those cameras, or are they too old and obselete?

    Larry R Harrison Jr, Aug 3, 2003
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  2. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Paul Rubin Guest

    If you can get them cheap enough and if they fulfill your purposes,
    why not?

    If I remember right, the 990 uses AA's and the 995 uses a proprietary
    li ion pack that I don't know if you can get any more. I'd go for the 990.
    Paul Rubin, Aug 3, 2003
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  3. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Todd Walker Guest

    I haven't looked at the prices of either of those lately but the 995
    doesn't offer many features over the 990 if I remember correctly, except
    for the popup flash and larger handgrip. I would go for the 990 unless
    there is virtually no price difference then get the 995.

    Todd Walker
    Canon 10D:
    My Digital Photography Weblog:
    Todd Walker, Aug 3, 2003
  4. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Paul Rubin Guest

    I think the 995 has a 4x zoom instead of 3x, but I'd get the 990
    unless the 995 is cheaper, because of the AA batteries.
    Paul Rubin, Aug 3, 2003
  5. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Paul Bartram Guest

    I find the EN-EL1 battery in the 995 very easy to change in the field, I'd
    rather use a spare one of those than fiddling with a handful of AAs. The
    charger is a breeze too. Replacements are available through eBay for around
    $US11 (non original).

    The only other difference between the 990 and 995 is the placement of the
    flash, and the presence of a 'quick review' button - some use, but not a

    Paul Bartram, Aug 3, 2003
  6. Larry R Harrison Jr

    dirtycow Guest

    Would you consider any of those cameras, or are they too old and obselete?

    Absoloutley not. I bought a CoolPix 995 for around £200 a few months back
    (2nd hand). The pictures it takes are *stunning* to my eyes - the macro
    facility is simpling awesome, almost microscopic in some instances.

    Although its a biggish camera, the twisting lense design is a stroke of
    genius - my next camera will definitely be this style again - it makes
    taking awkward pictures very simple.

    As for the differences between 995 and 990 - the 995 has a pop-up zoom,
    EN-EL battery (not AA's), 4X optical zoom and compact flash type 2 support.
    The 990 on the other hand only has a 3X optical zoom, uses AA batteries and
    i think only supports CF type 1.

    Whichever you go for, youll be delighted. Id get the 995 simply as its
    newer. The quick review button on the 995 is also very useful. Go for the

    dirtycow, Aug 3, 2003
  7. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Paul Rubin Guest

    I don't really have the impression that it has. The way to lower
    noise is bigger pixels.
    Paul Rubin, Aug 3, 2003
  8. Either camera is a great buy. By moving the flash on the 995, Nikon was trying to reduce the
    red-eye effect that these are infamous for producing. I moved from a 950 to a 5700, and while
    the 5700 is fantastic I still use the 950 occasionally.

    I have made 8x10's from the 950 and they are incredible. I cannot tell the difference from a
    regular SLR print.

    Percy Fonowski, Aug 3, 2003
  9. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Ed Ruf Guest

    You might consider giving Neat Image a try. I initially started using it
    for higher ISO images obtained with my 5700, but am also going back and
    using it for images previously taken with my 990.
    Ed Ruf Lifetime AMA# 344007 ()
    See images taken with my CP-990 and 5700 at
    Ed Ruf, Aug 3, 2003
  10. I own both the 950 and the 995, both bought when they were the newest
    out. I love them both, and use them almost interchangeably, mostly
    with my spotting scope on wildlife shots. All the other respondents
    have answered about as I would. (I skipped the 990, so can't compare
    it.) To see some of my earlier results, check my web site:


    Sorry it hasn't been updated recently, but still taking lots of
    similar shots. Incidentally, the difference in batteries matters
    little to me, as I use a belt pack when out in the field anyway.

    Olin McDaniel

    To reply by email, please remove "abcd" from Return address
    Olin K. McDaniel, Aug 3, 2003
  11. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Roy Guest

    I am a happy 990 owner for over 3 years and 8000+ shots. Compare to
    current camera, I don't see I should upgrade yet. Maybe a few years
    later I will buy a 12M+ camera.
    Roy, Aug 9, 2003
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