would like to know what people here think about the item and info about it (inside) ...:

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by ms smiling bookworm, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. Internet Ready IBM Thinkpad Laptop No Reserve
    Includes Modem ~Ready 2 Use~ Warranty ~ Surf The Web
    755 Series laptop ...
    mspjkni US $2.25 Oct-08-05 09:03:30 PDT
    my maximum bid: US $4.51
    Shipping costs: US $30.00 - Standard
    Flat Rate Shipping Service (within United States)
    What Can I do With This Laptop ?
    Start your digital diary, do your homework,
    write that report, play some games,
    the options are too long to list.
    Whether your storing recipes or writing a book.....
    Doing your homework or surfin the web,
    put the power of the internet and personal computing
    at your fingertips.
    Why spend thousands on a new laptop
    when you can get one here
    (at ebay) that will do everything you need
    for a fraction of the price.
    This is a nice entry level computer
    loaded with features including Infra Red
    (for communicating with wireless devices such as PDAs.)
    Stereo Sound, Built in Microphone, Paralell Port
    (for your printer ), Serial Port (for many devices ),
    PS2 Port (for external mouse),
    Audio Out Jacks (for expanding your sound system),
    Dial Up Internet Modem, VGA Port (for external video),
    Built In Floppy Disk Drive , Color Screen,
    Accupoint Pointing Device, Dual PCMCIA Slots
    (for many accessories), AND MORE !!!
    Guaranteed To Arrive Fully Functional
    Pentium Processor 100 mhz., 24 megs ram,
    2167 megabyte hard drive, dual pcmcia slots,
    serial port, paralel port, infra red port, vga port,
    standard keyboard, internal accupoint pointing device,
    color screen, audio out midi jacks, microphone jack,
    internal Floppy disk drive, stereo sounds system,
    ac adapter, ac cord, internet modem,
    untested battery ...
    ms smiling bookworm, Oct 8, 2005
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  2. ms  smiling bookworm

    WormWood Guest


    Buzz off, Spammer
    WormWood, Oct 8, 2005
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  3. ms  smiling bookworm

    Flying Rat Guest

    why are these adverts always so squeaky clean and earnest?

    The average 'internet ready PC' will be used to look at pr0n and steal
    with a 100MHz processor and 24MB RAM? That's like saying "Go drag racing
    in your Austin Allegro"!

    Flying Rat, Oct 8, 2005
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