Working: 837 Wake On Lan over internet using NAT (837)

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Richard Antony Burton, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Ok, had chance to play with this since I got back from Christmas. The
    problem I had was that I was using an 837 and NAT, so I couldn't send
    anything to the broadcast address of the LAN directly from outside. It came
    out fairly easy in the end.

    Use the perl code supplied by Walter Roberson (thanks!):$do5$

    Add "ip directed-broadcast" to the internal Ethernet interface.
    Create a rule to broadcast the incoming UDP packet to the LAN (you can use
    any port, doesn't have to be 7):
    e.g.: ip nat inside source static udp 7 interface Dialer0 7

    Now run the perl code as follows:
    ../ <mac_addr> <external_ip> <port>
    e.g.: ./ 00-04-61-49-ff-e5 7

    Remember here you are using the single external IP address you have, not any
    broadcast address you may think up. This will reach your router and be
    broadcast across your LAN. You can test it working by using this monitor
    tool on a Windows box on your LAN: or write your own
    for another platform, pretty simple. To test you will need to send the
    packet from outside, so get a freind to help or connect to a remote machine
    to send it.

    Richard Antony Burton, Jan 5, 2004
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