Workgroup Permission Denied (Usually)

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Bob Ryan, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Bob Ryan

    Bob Ryan Guest


    I am having trouble getting my home network workgroup to completely connect
    all the time, and get messages similar to this one (extracted from Microsoft
    Knowledge Base article 318030)

    Workgroup Name is not accessible. You may not have permission to use this
    network resource

    I have a desktop and a laptop as the (only) two machines on my home

    From the desktop:

    a.. I am usually able to see the workgroup, the desktop itself and the
    laptop as expected:
    My Network Places

    Entire Network

    Microsoft Windows Network

    [workgroup name]

    [desktop name]

    [desktop shared files]

    [laptop name]

    [laptop shared files]

    [Desktop Shared Files]

    [Laptop Shared Files]

    (By "seeing", I mean only that the name of the workgroup or computer appears
    in Windows Explorer, as opposed to "opening", by which I mean that clicking
    on that line will open whatever may be underneath it.)

    a.. Occasionally, attempts to open the workgroup (to see the desktop
    itself and laptop underneath) result in permission denial. (This of course
    means I can't see either the laptop or desktop underneath the workgroup.)
    b.. Also, there have been other times when I can open the workgroup, but
    attempts to open the desktop (under the workgroup) are also similarly
    denied. (I can, curiously, seem to open the laptop in these circumstances.)
    c.. Most (but not all) of the time, however, I can open the workgroup, the
    desktop and laptop underneath, and the shared files underneath both machines

    The laptop is usually able to:

    a.. see the workgroup;
    b.. open up the workgroup and see the laptop underneath (sometimes it also
    sees the desktop underneath);
    c.. open up the laptop and the shared laptop files underneath

    Of the times that the laptop has been able to see the desktop, perhaps only
    once has the laptop been able to open up the desktop and the desktop's
    shared files. Most of the time when the laptop sees the desktop, it cannot
    open up the desktop (and gets the "not available" message shown above).

    I have recycled each machine numerous times, and am unable to determine any
    specific pattern that correlates to anything.

    Background setup information:

    a.. My home network is supplied by the cable TV supplier through a cable
    modem. The modem feeds my wireless (Linksys) router, which in turn feeds
    the (wireless) laptop and desktop, (which is connected to the router via
    Ethernet cable).

    a.. Both computers are running Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2.

    a.. I have gone through the Network Setup Wizard on both machines several
    times to ensure the setups are identical. The workgroup has the same name
    on both machines (why does the Wizard always provide MSHOME as a default
    instead of what the workgroup is already named? Is there a clue here?)

    a.. I have conformed both machines to the contents of the Microsoft
    Knowledge base article 318030 on this problem, and have taken the advised
    steps below on both machines:

    · NetBIOS over TCP/IP is not turned on (enabled) on one or more
    computers in the workgroup.

    · The Computer Browser service is not started or is turned off on
    one or more computers in the workgroup.

    I am suspecting the problem is really with the desktop setup somewhere, but
    I don't know where else to look. Any advice, suggestions much appreciated!


    Bob Ryan, Oct 23, 2005
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  2. Bob Ryan

    Bob Ryan Guest

    It's possible I may have found a solution, thanks to stumbling across some
    other postings in this newgroup that I'd not seen the first time.

    I had been running Black Ice (firewall) in addition to Windows Firewall
    earlier, but in setting up the workgroup (several days ago) I turned off
    Black Ice by moving it from my Startup folder to some other folder so it
    wouldn't be initialized every time I started up the desktop. As expected,
    the Black Ice icon no longer appeared in my System Tray.

    However, today (after any number of recycles) I took another look at the
    host file that Black Ice creates, and noted an entry in the file dated after
    I had turned off Black Ice. I consequently concluded that some small
    residual piece of Black Ice was still running on my machine somewhere
    (perhaps being pulled in by autoexec.bat or config.sys), so I uninstalled
    Black Ice entirely. Since then, I've been able to reach my desktop from the
    laptop with at least a couple of recycles on the laptop to date.

    I have noticed a number of people not having trouble accessing the laptop
    from their desktop, but having trouble accessing the desktop from the
    laptop. I suspect they may have the same history I did -- start with a
    (possibly third-party) firewalled and hardwired desktop, and then get a
    wireless laptop and router and connect them all up into a workgroup. This
    suggests the firewall on the desktop as a likely source of the problem for
    such folks.

    So far, things now seem to be okay for me, but if I still have problems,
    I'll post again (and probably eat my words, but oh well.)


    Bob Ryan, Oct 23, 2005
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  3. Bob Ryan


    Sep 28, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Unable To See Workgroup Computers On XP

    Thanks - you pinpointed my problem very well.

    I had upgraded from Windows 2000 Pro to XP Pro and was then unable to see any other systems in the workgroup. Additionally, the other systems in the workgroup were aware of the XP system but unable to connect to it.

    Along with the XP upgrade, I had added Norton Internet Security and it was the Personal Firewall in Norton that was preventing this system from joining the workgroup. Once it was turned off, normal workgroup communications resumed and I was able to access shared folders.

    Thanks again.
    ffrut, Sep 28, 2007
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