workgroup computer not accessible or asks for password

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by jr4939, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. jr4939

    jr4939 Guest

    I have a wireless home network on a Windows XP SP2 system. It consists
    of an XP Home desktop and an XP Pro laptop. If I go to My Network
    Places and click on "View Workgroup computers", I can see both
    computers, and can open, see and use their respective shared files from
    the laptop only. On the desktop, if I try to look at workgroups, I can
    see both computers listed, but cannot open the laptop to see or use its
    files. From My Network Places, the message is "<workgroup name> is not
    acessible...The network path was not found". If I attempt to look at
    the laptop from Explorer, I don't get an error message but a logon box
    instead. It says "Connecting to <laptop>", has a grayed out username
    area, and a password box to fill in. The user name is given as
    "<desktop>\Guest", and I haven't been able to find any way to change
    that. In fact, neither computer has the Guest account enabled, but it
    seems to make no difference if I do enable them, or even assign
    passwords to the Guest accounts. In all cases, pressing the Enter key
    simply brings the login box back on the screen. There is no error
    message and the box is difficult to close. Clicking on the X box and/or
    clicking "Cancel" often doesn't work, and I don't know which Task
    Manager process is involved to allow me to end the loop.

    Help and/or clues will be much appreciated!

    jr4939, Apr 13, 2006
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  2. jr4939


    Apr 26, 2006
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    To me it sounds like a security issue on your Laptop.

    Is this on wireless?
    Zakkas, Apr 26, 2006
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