Work Laptop (XP Pro in Domain) to Home Laptop (XPH WorkGroup)

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Oct 19, 2004.

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    Wanting to copy files from my work laptop (XP Pro) to my home laptop (XP
    Home) and vice versa over wireless. The restrictions are that my Domain Name
    password on my work laptop is cached, so I cannot join a Workgroup without
    trashing the domain password and getting IT Admin involved everytime to
    rejoin me to domain.

    I can succesfully connect wirelessly over IP using an Ad Hoc connection but
    cannot swap files due to not being on same Workgroup.

    Are there any workarounds e.g. using an application to swap files over IP or
    is there a simpler solution? The ideal would be to have a drive mapped that
    could be used everytime the laptops connected. Print and automatic syncing
    would be nice but not essential.

    I do not want to introduce any new protocols e.g. Netbeui, IPX to my work
    laptop. Thanks for any assistance.
    Guest, Oct 19, 2004
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  2. Hi Peter,

    If open up an window to 'My Computer' and select 'Map Network Drive',
    there is a link saying 'Connect using a different user name'.
    You should be able to connect from your work laptop to a shared folder
    on your home laptop by mapping the drive, but using a username/password that
    is valid on the home laptop.

    Chris Gual [MSFT]
    Chris Gual [MSFT], Oct 22, 2004
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