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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by dh, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. I didn't want to repeat it

    you wrote 'windows xp version 5.1' <-- and that's wrong !!

    There's NT 5.1.
    NT 5.0 is win 2k
    NT 5.1 is Win xp
    NT 5.2 is 2k3

    But NT 5.1 is not a version of XP. It is XP.

    Nevertheless, somebody that KNOWINGLY writes what you also write you
    wrote "word for windows 6.0" <-- that's really dumb. Somebody that
    writes that is really beyond reason. I don't think you'll see out of
    your tunnel. You don't have an organised mind. You mix things up and
    it means nothing to you.

    infact, you also write
    "Word for Windows 6.0" . Now that's misleading, but I don't mind
    repeating it 'cos the damage has already been done. In the days of
    windows 3.1, secretaries were buying a dummy or idiot guide to
    wordperfect 5.2 I think it was an idiot guide. It was yellow, not
    blue. The book was titled something like. "WordPerfect for Windows
    5.2" But it was worse than that, 'cos it was for windows 3.1. It
    caused a whole load of secretaries to think they were learning windows
    5.2 and wordperfect 3.1. I thought that misleading terminology was
    in the past, and even then, it was with wordperfect, not word.
    It's Word 6 or 95 or 7 or 97 or 2000 or 2003. And which versions of
    windows they work on is another matter. I think 2003 requires win xp
    sp2 or something.. Word 2000 will work in windows 98. They aren't
    stuck in a windows version, unless that particular version of office
    has an issue.

    If this is just some odd issue, then your idea just doesn't follow..

    I'm willing to bet that wordpad does open wordpad documents, across
    windows versions.

    For example. THere was once an ugly as hell, greedy, ram eating
    programming IDE called jbuilder.. for writing java programs. (this
    was before better ones like IDEA, or the more generic, Eclipse).

    I found that when putting the files onto a disk, it may have been an
    iomega zip disk, or may have been a floppy disk. I can't remember. But
    it was a disk. And transferring the files to another computer. The
    files screwed up. When opening the jbuilder project, all the package
    names were displayed in capital letters, and the program wouldn't
    run. The only option within jbuilder was to rewrite bits of the
    Somebody else had had exactly the same problem, years ago and asked in
    a forum. He had had no reply. I emailed him and asked him if he had
    found an answer. He said yes "transfer them over the network" that
    works. Lo and behold, that worked.

    This wasn't a standard issue. Almost nobody else had run into it. It
    wasn't an issue of - well, jbuilder should be able to do it. Because
    computers aren't like that. With standard problems, there are standard
    convenient solutions or fixes. With non-standard problems, the
    workarounds may not be convenient, things aren't so well documented.

    moving data from one comp to another is a standard procedure. That
    doesn't mean that any problem that occurs with that is a standard

    But don't try to define this as a standard problem. Wordpad does open
    wordpad documents. But something ODD is happening along the way,
    during the procedure, that is causing a problem.

    You could do investigations to find out why. i.e. what is happening.

    Or you could just use a workaround.

    If people here can reproduce the problem, then they may be able to
    solve it.
    The basis of solving a problem is reproducing it. (That's why
    intermittent problems are a nuisance). Maybe somebody has win98 or
    has it on a virtual machine and is willing to look into it. Or give it
    a try.. But it may work for them.

    You have to realise that alot of things go on with computers. Problems
    are caused by very low level things. They aren't obvious. They have
    to be solved. Troubleshooting has to be done. In many cases, people
    have done it before, seen the problem,. and can save you the
    trouble. Posting to a newsgroup improves the chance of getting help
    that way. I think you're looking at this wrongly.

    Use the workaround.

    and/or try to look into what is happening. And remember, if people
    can't reproduce your problem then there isn't much they can do to
    troubleshoot it on their own machine.

    i'd just consider the workaround as a solution. There are enough
    problems. And there are interesting things to look into!

    If you can be bothered you could look at the file in a hex editor on a
    system that can read it. And on one that can't. Maybe copy wordpad.exe
    from one machine to another.

    But the way you're going about this isn't getting anywhere. It's
    almost as bad as somebody I knew who stood for 5 minutes by a door and
    whined "why is the door open", and that wasn't the first time they'd
    whined about it.
    jameshanley39, Jun 20, 2007
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  2. dh

    Ben Myers Guest

    [email protected]> wrote in message news:...
    See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/883090

    Ben Myers, Jun 21, 2007
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