Won't boot, drive doors won't open, where do I start?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by John McCallie, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. A couple months ago I got an old P3 for a 2nd machine, hooked it up when
    the guy brought it over, booted to XP OK, looked alright to me. Then I get
    busy for a while, don't do anything with it until today, turn it on and it
    doesn't even light up the monitor. The lights on the front come on, but
    the little green one that normally flashes when the drive's working isn't on
    at all. The lights on the 2 cd drives & the one on the floppy are all on
    and what I think is just the "power on" indicator light is burning steady.
    Also, I can hear the fan. But nothing else is happening ...... the cd drives
    don't open, they don't even twitch.
    I don't have any manuals for this thing ..... I can't even find anything
    on the case that gives a clue as to who made it. Keeping in mind that I'm
    more than a beginner but probably less than intermediate, can anyone suggest
    something or a series of somethings that I could try? And if not, since I
    paid $90 that I'm not getting back, is it worth taking to a pro or just look
    for another?
    Any suggestions appreciated.
    Thanks, John
    John McCallie, Oct 16, 2006
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  2. John McCallie

    Jerry Attic Guest

    Use the process of elimination. Disconnect everything but the video card
    and one stick of ram (if it has more than one stick in it.) Then try
    booting it. If it boots, then add devices until it doesn't boot again.

    Jerry Attic, Oct 16, 2006
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  3. John McCallie

    Mr User Guest


    Disconnect everything except video card if external. Nothing except the
    MoBo and video card is required to view the BIOS. If you can access the
    BIOS this is a good starting point (Press DEL key during boot up usually).

    Have a look at the MoBo PCB you'll prob find the manufacturer details
    and the model of the MoBo then you'll be able to find the
    handbook/manual online.
    Mr User, Oct 16, 2006
  4. John McCallie

    Ben Myers Guest

    Open the case and remove and reseat the memory modules.
    If that doesn't help, you might try carefully removing and reseating
    the processor.

    Ben Myers, Oct 16, 2006
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