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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Kookaburra, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. Kookaburra

    Kookaburra Guest

    This is a request from a friend and I know someone in this group gave
    me the answer last time and I've since formatted my HD and can't
    remember what I did to stop Windows Media player opening up all the


    Hello all, sorry for arising this but since I switched from WinME to
    WinXP with SP2 so many miseries are happening in my PC. This is one of
    them ..
    I have WMP9 too, while to date I had managed to keep it at WMP7 but I
    could use my mplayer2 (6.4) happily, and that's the question
    precisely, can anyone help?

    Midis ! (I'm going litterally nuts about this one)

    I wish to have WMP9 play nothing, absolutely nothing and leave me
    alone for good .. no filetype associated whatsoever .. don't want to
    see its enormous interface sit in the middle of my screen and talk
    about radio broadcast!

    While I wish to play all multimedia filetypes -namely MIDIS, and
    ASF-WMA- using mplayer2 (6.4) and use the known icon for .mid and
    ..midi filetypes .. I'd love to get rid of the lifesaver icon and get
    the classic one back. But the dll seems to have lost the midi icon!
    And files can't use a gif.

    I wish to click on a midi link in a website, and have the midi file
    open in mplayer2 .. open as many instances as I click, just like I
    always could!
    Presently, this is pure misery .. clicking a midi link either causes
    a silly "client document" open (no "save as"), or then a notice about
    'multimedia player cannot open this file, make sure the file
    extension' etc etc .. only allows me to save or cancel (no "play"
    then "save as").

    I have of course all associations in WMP9 unchecked, all associations
    in wmplayer 6.4 checked, .mid and .midi filetypes in the list are set
    to open and play in mplayer2, messed incredibly with Internet options
    security, nothing changed ..

    So, can anyone please tell me how to get midis in websites to open
    and play and "save as" in mplayer2 with one click? And mplayer2 to
    use a icon?

    Thanks a lot in advance .. ;o)
    Kookaburra, Oct 12, 2004
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  2. Kookaburra

    GraB Guest

    Would be interested in the answers to this myself. I know exactly how
    you feel. I use 98SE and MP6.4 myself, preferring Zoom Player for
    ..divx files. I installed Zoom player on a friend's XP machine and set
    the association to Zoom Player but no matter what, WM9 would start
    instead. I even renamed the WMP executable but XP just did a search
    for it instead of playing the file in Zoom Player. Aaaaargh! This is
    one of the intense annoyances that keep me away from XP, this
    high-handed arrogant behaviour. The .div and .divx files were
    identified as Zoom Player files, correct icon, but would not play in
    Zoom Player.
    GraB, Oct 13, 2004
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  3. Kookaburra

    Kookaburra Guest

    Part one: Getting back those old musical notes for Icons.

    Lets start with the MIDI Icon issue. First make sure you have this
    file, Mplay32.exe in your C:\Windows\System32 folder.

    The musical notes Icon: could normally be obtained from the
    Mplay32.exe file or the Quartz.dll file, however, for some reason
    Windows XP will not display the musical note icon from these two files
    when you try to change the WMP9||WMP10 Icon using Tools||Folder
    Options...||File Types||MID||Advanced||Change Icon, the Icon is in
    there but is not displayed for some reason.

    This is what I had to do here in order to change them from the
    WMP9||10 icon , to the old musical notes Icon .

    This requires using the Registry Editor, so click on Start||Run and
    type in regedit to get the Registry Editor up and running.
    Next, navigate to the following Registry Key:


    NOTE: Back up this Key by Exporting it to a safe place on your hard
    drive, click on File||Export... give the file a name(it will be saved
    as a .reg file by default so no need to give it a file extension).
    Should something go wrong you and always right click on your saved
    file and choose Merge to make the registry right again. Or you can do
    a Restore Point of the entire Registry before making any changes.

    The Default Value of the above Registry Key on your machine probably
    looks like this:


    Or possibly like this:

    C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe,-120

    At any rate, you must change the Default Value of this Key so that it
    looks like this:


    To do this, right click on the word Default in the right-hand pane of
    the Registry Editor and choose Modify. Carefully type, or copy and
    paste this into the dialog box:


    Now close the Registry Editor and open up Windows Explorer, navigate
    to a midi file on your hard drive and it should have the musical icon
    again .

    Part Two: Changing Player that opens the Midi file when double

    Now that you have the Icons back , right click on one of the files and
    choose OPEN WITH||Choose Program...
    Use the Browse button and browse to the following file:

    C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\mplayer2.exe

    Then put a checkmark in the box next to "Always use the selected
    program to open this kind of file"

    Now any time you double click on a midi file the old 6.4 player will
    open up and play the file. You can do this for all the file type you
    want Mplayer2 to play when opened by double clicking on it.


    WMP9 and WMP10 do not have to look "ugly". Right click on MP10's bar
    on the bottom, choose View, then Skin Chooser. Pick
    "Classic", then Apply Skin, and you've got your old 6.4 player back,
    with updated technology. I think that WMP9 has the view menu at
    the top so no need to right click the bottom of the player to access
    the menu.
    Kookaburra, Oct 13, 2004
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