with Sp2 out now, is there *anything* good about Vista?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by zvn[]teq[7], Jun 10, 2009.

  1. zvn[]teq[7]

    zvn[]teq[7] Guest

    with Sp2 out now, is there *anything* good about Vista that makes it in
    anyway better than previous windows versions? (My God it must at least
    be better than Win Me)

    Are there any Vista fans? I find the explorer to be much easier to jump
    around files... and the higher security to run things as administrator
    seem to be nice, it's sometimes a pain it asking me to continue to run
    and install things, but as long as it's for a good purpose I figure it's
    a good thing.

    although to be honest, I have all the bells and whistles off (Aero) and
    it looks like Win95/95

    Any now Win7 is going to make it's debut, but I'm scared at what I've
    read regarding 7 deleting certain types of programs/files? I forget
    exactly which type these would be, but the article made me wonder if 7
    would be a good thing or not (being that my copy of office2007
    enterprise edition is... well, you know)

    guess I'm looking for some cosmic validation for me purchasing this PC
    with Vista installed...............Ha! Oh well
    zvn[]teq[7], Jun 10, 2009
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  2. zvn[]teq[7]

    Pennywise Guest

    Actually Me lasted retail for quite awhile.

    vista really didn't stand a chance, even less when the "A Cost
    Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection" article came out just
    before vista did.

    After that, anytime someone asked about vista, that article was
    My systems have always had the classic windows look, and themes turned
    off. But my video card (I run XP) has directX10 onboard so I have Aero
    (or the effect, it's a function of the video driver), I can see thru
    windows that I'm moving and it's kinda of neat, but distracting at the
    same time.
    Validation? Anytime entire countries change O/S's cause vista would of
    cost too much to implement, it's kinda hard to stick up for it.
    Pennywise, Jun 14, 2009
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