Wireless Zero Configuration Service problems

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Sleurhutje, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. Sleurhutje

    Sleurhutje Guest


    Auto-update was so kind to install Windows XP SP2 on my notebook (HP
    NX9110). After the update my WiFi settings are totally screwed up.

    In Windows XP Pro SP1a I had a preferred connection that was always
    connected and worked instantly after powering on. No with SP2 I sometime
    have a connection, can not reconnect to my WLAN because Windows can not find
    the network (nothing changed, hidden SSID, MAC security, no WEP encryption,
    speed forced at 54MBps). Sometimes Windows connects to a WLAN in the
    neighbourhood (when my WLAN is not found). When rescanning for networks my
    WLAN is not shown or all links are very weak.

    I upgraded the NIC driver (built-in Broadcom WiFi adapter). And searched
    many possiblities. One thing is that the WZC service is not started.
    Whatever I tell to the settings, the service does not start automatically.
    When I start the service manually from the MMC or DOS prompt, all of a
    sudden most thing work correct (some settings are gone however, but that's a
    SP2 issue).

    Why does the WZC not start automatically at startup? How to sove this
    problem. I restored a backup (image) and reran the update manually with the
    same results.

    Sleurhutje, Sep 22, 2004
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