Wireless-to-Wired Printer Sharing Does NOT Work

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by J, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. J

    J Guest

    I've tried all vendor support sites and no luck, so I'm hoping
    someone here will have a solution, or even information that I
    can't do what I want and need different hardware (I have also
    read over 100 messages here [seems a LOT of people are having
    this same problem!] and did not find a fix

    My telco (Qwest) provided an Actiontec DSL Modem GT701-WG when I
    signed up for DSL - this unit has a built-in 802.11b/g wireless,
    and ONE wired output

    To connect 2 desktops, I bought a Linksys Firewall Router BEFSX41
    which I have connected to the one Actiontec wired output, and my
    2 desktop computers are then wired to 2 of the 4 Linksys ports

    This all works very well, and after setup + firewall configuration
    my 2 desktop computers "see" each other, and I am able to print to
    my wife's inkjet printer that is hooked to her desktop via USB

    Then, we bought a laptop for my wife to be in the TV room and hit
    the web sites mentioned on her home design shows, so I activated
    the wireless part of the Actiontec, and she is now happy surfing
    the Internet and even checking email

    The problem is that NOTHING I do will make the laptop "see" the
    rest of the network (so, of course, the 2 desktops also do not
    see the laptop) and that means there is no wireless printing

    I've been scanning the vendor supports sites, and Googling the
    Internet, and the only thing I can find is that there are lots
    of wireless print servers... so I am about to conclude that what
    I want to do just is not possible with the hardware I have, due
    to something about the way the Actiontec dsl modem works

    I have run the network and wireless "wizards" included with
    WinXp on 3 computers, have all firewalls set to allow sharing,
    including adding each computer's IP to the other's firewalls,
    and am not able to get the laptop to see the other 2 computers,
    and I've even turned firewalls OFF, and had no success
    - all WEP keys are the same
    - all work group names are the same
    - all computer names are different
    - all wireless group names are the same (the essid is set
    according to the dsl modem instructions)
    - WinXpSp2 on all, laptop and 1 desktop home, other desktop is
    pro... the home/pro desktops DO work with each other
    - all computers are configured for ONE user bootup/login, with
    no login/password + administrator permissions as the default
    - windows firewall is OFF on all 3, I use Norton on 2 and
    Sygate on one, all configured to allow file/print sharing
    - shouldn't make any difference, laptop is HP dv8000 (have no
    idea of the name/model of built-in 802.11b/g hardware, but
    works just fine to connect to the Internet, so I think the
    problem is either with a software setting, or my next idea)

    What I **think** is happening is that the 2 desktops are able
    to communicate because the network connection is automatically
    made inside the Linksys router... but the Actiontec modem is
    not doing any "pass thru" to the wired Linksys connection, so
    the laptop is on one "network" and the 2 desktops are on some
    completly different "network" and I am not able to find any
    way to make everything work together

    Is my idea correct?

    While reading and following links, I found several products
    that combine DSL modem with BOTH wired/wireless functions in
    one unit... so I am thinking that replacing my two boxes with
    one all-in-one box SHOULD fix the problem of the laptop being
    on a different "network" and allow printer sharing

    Does this seem correct?

    One (reasonably priced, just spent a lot of $$ on laptop) box
    I found is the Zoom X6 5590 ADSL 2/2+ Modem w/ Wireless at

    Does anyone have direct experience with that model... and is
    it going to create a network where the laptop and desktops
    are all able to "see" each other and share resources?
    J, Dec 31, 2005
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  2. Your analysis is more or less correct. The GT701-WG is not just a modem -
    it is also a router, and your present configuration gives you two networks.
    Try this:

    1. Connect to your Linksys configuration page - probably, and disable DHCP on the router.

    2. Disconnect the ethernet cable from the Linksys WAN/Internet port.
    Instead plug this into one of the Linksys LAN ports - if one of these is
    designated as an uplink port use that one. Reboot both desktops.

    Doug Sherman

    Doug Sherman [MVP], Jan 1, 2006
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  3. J

    J Guest

    Ok, and thanks... I will try that

    The user guide that came with the Linksys is no help at all, but
    the ports are labeled 1 2 3 4/DMZ so I will run the output from
    the Actiontec to port 4 and see what happens

    If it still doesn't work, do you think the Zoom X6 that has
    everything in one box would do any better?
    J, Jan 1, 2006
  4. J

    J Guest

    Thank you VERY much... moving the cable and turning off
    dhcp in the linksys (I also turned off the firewall in
    the linksys, since the dsl modem has one as well) worked
    PERFECTLY to let all 3 comptuers see each other

    My wife may now use her laptop and print to her desktop
    J, Jan 1, 2006
  5. I have no experience with the Zoom X6. Some after market modems may not be
    compatible with all service providers, but this is less likely to be an
    issue than it has been in the past.

    All you should need to make your present network function is a switch, and
    this is less expensive than a modem/wireless router device. However, you've
    already got one - My suggested changes will essentially use your Linksys
    router as a simple switch. Make sure you turn off its DHCP function.

    Note - if the above works, your desktop will be getting an IP address from
    the GT701 (probably 192.168.0.x). This means that you will no longer be
    able to access the Linksys page at in the event that you
    want to change its configuration again. Don't panic - you can temporarily
    change your desktop IP to and regain access to the router's
    configuration page; or you could change the router's IP to something in the
    192.168.0.x range; or resetting the router would restore the default DHCP

    Doug Sherman
    Doug Sherman [MVP], Jan 1, 2006
  6. Go get 'em, J!

    See my 9:23 post in case you need to access the Linksys configuration
    again - I sent this before I saw your 'SUCCESS'


    Doug Sherman
    Doug Sherman [MVP], Jan 1, 2006
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