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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Julie Bove, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Julie Bove

    Julie Bove Guest

    I do not have a wireless one now and intend to keep this one for at least a
    little while longer. I see that Lexmark will soon be discontinuing the
    cartridges so it is only a matter of time before I have to replace this one.

    I don't print a lot of stuff. Mainly stuff for my daughter's homework or
    the lone page here and there. I make copies at least every two weeks.
    Mainly I have to scan stuff for my husband. So I would need an all in one.
    Don't really care if it is photo quality or not since I am not a photo

    I also don't want a super expensive one. Prefer to spend somewhere between
    $100 to $300. It would also be great if the cartridges aren't too
    expensive. This one is $124 for 2 black and 1 color from Staples. Just
    ordered some cheaper ones from Ebay but have an immediate need for new ones
    so must go to Staples tomorrow. Even though I don't seem to print very
    much, the cartridges sure don't last very long! I just put a black one in
    not too long ago and prior to that in Sept., I think. And both are out now,
    of course in the middle of trying to print my taxes! I have seen some
    reviews online that some do not have readily available cartridges.

    I would also like one that is easy to install. I have seen reviews where
    they were hard to install and some had no manual that came with them. I am
    no computer whiz.

    So... Does anyone have such a printer that they love? Am still digging the
    light up keyboard that came recommended to me here. The a, s and d keys are
    starting to have their letters wear off but other than that, it's great!
    Just what I needed!

    Julie Bove, Mar 1, 2013
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  2. Julie Bove

    Paul Guest

    At one time, I thought the only scam was "teaser cartridges" in the
    new printer. The cartridges in a new printer, aren't as full, as
    the replacement cartridges.

    When I last went shopping for a cartridge, I noticed two cartridges
    for sale, claiming to be compatible (all from the printer manufacturer,
    not after-market or refills). And one had 220 sheets, the other 330 sheets
    printing rating. Which says now, that even when buying new cartridges,
    some models are sub-filled. So if you got the impression they don't
    last very long, it's by design. There's no way to tell, what
    percentage of that big cartridge, actually has ink in it. My printer
    cartridges stopped printing, before the chip stopped it from printing.

    Ink jets are just evil, because all the profit is in the cartridges,
    and none in the initial printer sale. You really shouldn't have to
    spend $300 for a printer, if it is just a printer. If you buy a multi-function
    device, that helps drive up the price. But the basic printer should be
    dirt cheap, because they'll charge a fortune for cartridges for it.

    With your $300 upper limit, you could actually get a color laser.
    It might not be as flexible as the inkjet, but the toner
    doesn't "dry out".


    If you owned a good digital camera, and used the printer for 4"x6"
    prints, then the laser printer would not be a good match. The
    inkjet is better for that, although you pay a lot for the expendables.
    If you're printing homework assignments, a color (or even black and white)
    laser, is a better match. You can still get gouged on toner, but
    with perhaps a lower cost per page.

    For the scanning function, you can continue to run the existing
    inkjet. At least, on some models. There are actually all-in-one inkjets,
    where the scanning function is disabled, if the cartridges
    are not "ready to print". How's that for evil ? That amounts
    to a "cartridge tax, on scanning". If you don't have working
    cartridges in the machine, no scans for you.

    What's interesting, is when I went looking for a separate scanner,
    the "$100 flatbed" seems to have disappeared. The price of scanners
    seems to have gone up. Which I guess, is an argument in favor of the
    all-in-one inkjet. I didn't see a laser printer that had a scanner,
    but maybe they exist.

    An inkjet which wasn't "chipped" would be a bonus, but I don't know
    if any brand still exists, that isn't chipped. (At one time, there
    was one brand which was known for not chipping their product.
    And that reputation may have increased their sales.) Chipping is to
    prevent refilling of the cartridges and recycling.

    I don't know of a quick way to compute an "evil quotient".
    Lots of people can review a printer and say "nice prints",
    but you have to talk to them a year later, to find out
    "I spent $$$ on cartridges for the thing". And many people
    who spend that kind of money, don't even keep track of
    what it's costing per page to print.

    All I can tell you, is that on my Canon ip2600, I printed
    maybe 18 pages or so, and both carts are dry (or, dried out).
    I print a lot less than you do. Replacements carts were $54
    or so for the pair. So let's see, that is about $3.00 per page,
    order of magnitude (ouch!). Lasers used to be about $0.05 per page,
    but that's not corrected for inflation at all. Maybe it's
    $0.10 per page now. Since it wouldn't have dried out,
    I doubt the laser would hit the $3.00 per page mark.

    Paul, Mar 1, 2013
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  3. Julie Bove

    Julie Bove Guest

    That appears to be just a printer. That won't work for me.
    Nope. Don't own a camera at all and don't plan on getting one.
    But I have no place to put two things. That's why I need to get the all in
    one. Plus there are issues with some of the scans due to some error. It is
    now converting PDF files to JPEGS and for some reason my husband hates this.
    Ah... Yes! When I got my first printer, I got it specifically for the
    cheap cartridges. It only printed in black and white. I was doing a lot of
    writing in those days and at times needed to print 300 pages at a time. It
    was perfect! But then I got a new computer and that printer wouldn't work
    with it. I wound up giving it to a friend and it did work with her
    computer. But the new Lexmark was horrible. Constant errors and could take
    me an hour just to get one page to print. Sometimes involved rebootin the
    computer 2 or 3 times. Combined with the Win ME OS, I had a mess!

    I continued to use that printer for a time after I got this computer. Can't
    remember now why I replaced it but likely out of frustration.
    18 pages? Wow! I know that I get a lot more than that with this one. One
    problem I saw by some people was that if they didn't use the printer daily,
    the print heads would clog.
    Julie Bove, Mar 1, 2013
  4. Julie Bove

    Paul Guest

    I think my point is, it's pretty hard to get around this "ink = gold"
    model of sales. And the impact it has on quality.

    Even the mighty Epson, a favorite of many, now has its problems.
    See the customer reviews here.


    This one, by Brother, got good reviews. But because it
    can print 11x17, it would likely be larger than your
    available space. $289


    And if you do a scan, and it's JPEG, you should be able to
    find something that'll make a PDF of it. I could do that
    in Photoshop, and I have a few odds and ends here like
    Imagemagick, netpbm and the like, that can massage the
    stuff. If the scan ends up as JPEG, it's not the end of
    the world.

    And if you figure out a good recipe got JPG to PDF, you could set up a
    desktop icon for your husband, where you just drop the JPEG
    on top, and out comes a PDF. Might take a bit of scripting.

    Paul, Mar 2, 2013
  5. Julie Bove

    Julie Bove Guest

    He doesn't use my computer. And right now we don't even live in the same
    state. He has a laptop and no printer. But he expects me to do everything
    for him. I finally got mad and said, "Don't like the quality of this? Go
    buy your own printer. Seriously!" But he did not. He was explaining to me
    why he could not use the JPEG but I had no clue what he was talking about.
    I do know that he is overly found of PDF files for no apparent reason.
    Except that he got some sort of program to convert things into those. I
    think he just likes doing it or something.

    I saw some cheap printers at Target and they got good reviews, so far. So I
    may get one of those in a few months. Thanks!
    Julie Bove, Mar 4, 2013
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